The Joy of Sax

by grimbeau




So much to do


no point in any of it;

just plain old survival;

avoidance of mishaps,

relief from pain relief.

No simple sample pleasure.


Eleven it says:

Morning constitutional

To the shed and back

Phantom bouquet

bonfire smoke whispering

Secret trysts at noon

Thrilled to bits I don

A cloak & gagger…


Phone calls to invite me to luncheon;

of course,

I accept with  puerile alacrity.

What ensues is vintage time warp!

Clear the decks for a couple of hours;

put pressing needs on hold;

suspend more disbelief.


Hot colouring book trend offer:

one legged dormouse to play Plato;

Dizzy the Womble pours scorn…

Exasperated! Go touch your heels

Take odd drugs on a building site

Discover unknown places

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