Rosie & Banjo

Caricature of Captain Edward Rodney Owen. Capt...

Plod-plod-plod-plod: A quadroplod, called Roddy, Rodders, Rodney

A nod’s as good as a wink to those who cannot see me

I am the king, horse king,

Looking about see the world sideways tyranny

Of my very large nose. Equine whinny

Giddy up halt walk on. Plop chomp clip clop

On harder surfaces. Clunkety-clank pop


Flora Takes a Nap

So, mind is unravelled, wild vermacello reasoning, synapses fizz, associations of associations. Angsty: funny to the left of, not quite centre, achy uncomfyvibe. Jolt of jilted jollyfellow. Banjo, ukelele, zither, mandolin slicers: Whoa- hihosilva. Away. Halt.

Restless & feckless; turnoverturn; hide yerears and snuggling sure, ssh, sure…


Recklessly & festlessly fetchingly and carryingly penly, paper, cup, and ashtray from chair to bed and back again, never sorted satisfactorily speaking. Saturdynite; Worzbirtheven; head sort ails; factor fix ion; lean back, more meat Ona! Quark and Lard, larkquard. Gilly-Mot: Milly-Got: Golly-Mit: Molly-Git Milly gotta gwilmon. Toot Aussea, toot? Molly git migly log gimly glimmily.


Can’t see the cross in the mindsigh!

Flora & fauna!

Spring, springful Spring!


Colours, poor favour; sunbusting, teeming, running, jumping, coursing spring. Lively up yourselves. Don’t be nod rag. Salalsocalls for soundsand noises: bell, ringtone, beep-beep, pause, beep- beep…gedditto. Puce and greymauve plinthlight cabled. Left lug picks up microwavesounds. Raviolin. Ra-rah-rah-ra…penumbral whatsitsname: hyperbolaparabolatombolaspinbola…the thing lampshades do. Raviolout. Tinkle-tap-softchomp. Bolasalad with; goods tart, goodstart. Goosed Heart, goose dart!


Pipes! They are those are the things that drains are made on: Pipes. Pipistrel just before dawn: blip eesgone:

‘Phew! Hunny I’m home: closecall with big orange thing. Coulda shrunk one up.’










Time to get feet up and head down hanging on upwardly: falling sideways dreams. Eastwestnorthsouthwestnortheastwards. Subtle snores. Peepistrell: Phipplepip.


Lurch Stop Halt. Wassup?

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