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Break Out Day

Vibrant dawn dazzles

Pitch bone slate lamp nightdreamers

Eyeblink shadows flit

Earlybirds dart brisk alert

Incanted day arrives

Perfect golden light

Rakes tree leaf and bark

Hope springs all prisoners

The Goss



Nowt kicked off (or so I’m told)

The sad old Sun still tries

to muscle in

break out, break in…

and have you heard?

The latest scandal,

the last straw:

No buses to Mortgagetown on Sundays

(and Bank Holidays)…

And there’s more…

No peas for the wicked,

It is rumoured

the pigs had them with the lobster.

No respect, these types.

Dyslexics with a read only memory,

they say,

lack self-knowledge.

Read and

right and wrong.

  • Ooh-ah, Mrs!





Lines on my Mistress Snoring



There is pleasure sometimes

when the pain sleeps

rests its harpy’s head

on a nice warm lizard


but, promethean

is not a word

that springs to mind

when you are in flames.


This morning as I flood

Your drapeless windows

A body turns away

to hometown night


...the sun also rises

…the sun also rises


Nice day!


Sloth sleeps

Pollop sucks

The dead floor.



I lodge a suppository

of all knowledge

in my sphincter.

Mornlight Drive

"Solitude" by W B Leader circa 1890

A blind, dead driver

in front

slows and

indicates all options

before a left at the lights opposite

a set sun of cheap stuff

and loss leaders

that call the believers

and sinners to shop.

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