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Chandrasakhar’s Arm



to ten new time, sunshine icicles

When you leave no going back

Welcome mat reads wrong way round

Enter at your lirep or backwards

Follow these instructions

Instruct your followers

Spilt milk

No laughing matter



a little raddled even after a good sleep.

It’s your age, dearie.

Makes me full of it that one

That look occasions

sublime opalescence

condensed fit to burst

neutron quarks gluons scarper




Scary Monsters & Super Creeps…





Jasmin trees tend

To droop plantive flops

In these the dog days



England have just won

The Ashes!

Stevie Smith

Smith makes a double ton:

not since Bradman in’38

achieved by a floppy green.

The game has evolved.

The song remains the same.

I salute you, sir!

The Myth of Self-Combustion Exploded


Scraped enough



for a pipe.


Skin wild.

Must shower & cream.

Day goes grey


Skin mild.

Did shower & cream.

Day goes by.


Forgot that my mornings

are now free of idiots,

especially Sunday idiots

like me


Test Match: Sunday Start Shock!

  • Sin against nature, I say…What, what?

Wrinkled Member explodes

in Long Room

Dull thud in Norwood

Nearly wakes the dead

& the living dead.








Subscribe: Free Calendar! A year in Sing-Sing.


Habeas corpus or what? Amnesty.


Ethical gift to salve the conscious conscience.


Place on cardboard coffee table to catch


the eyes of passers-by, nod frownfully


in silent solace, go wild ape and shout:






Then, from red animate to grey plausible go


do your best sepulchral Arlott:


‘Calendar caught Eye bowled Jaffa.’




Lighthouse Nighthouse

Huguenot lovers on St. Bartholomew's Day


Cricket and pills.


A Huguenot calls.


We talk balls.


Share our ills.




I do not wear lace since chiffon left.


Yet the memory of soap suds abides.




The medication commences just


after lunchtime on the second day.


Two down eight to go. Too high to control:


off the mark. breathe a sigh of brief relief.


Night is right.




Theodolites at dawn portend a repast


of frogs and lizards.


We shall heat them up before we eat them up


watching for triremes from the lighthouse penthouse.


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