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Worm Said

Unfit for human consumption, mistah dabbler you betcha
bottom dollarbill

ticklish extraordinary little coughs, tell tale trails of larkspittle
crimson pupils
crown the worm

still as rocky rock rises diminished, denuded by bladderwrack
slime soft ambergris

hermit crabs rule cold rooster rockpools, anaemic fledglings
waive misrule cheerio

tidal affairs of men and marble, happy little dirges, slip shift
back to where they once so long ago



Timid house trained shrew

She sat sobbing silently

Crying in the loo

Teardrops splash on hush puppies

Reading bottles of dog shampoo

Praying that your bowels will move

Before you fall asleep

Listening for a hunting dream

What ever happened to

Sweet Baby James?


Swept threadbare flimsy

Flakey faded Nepalese

Hand woven carpet

Once bold vibrant crimson

Scuffed trampled bare by

Indwellers interlopers

Casual and meaningful

Professional rucks

Transgressional muck

Careless and caring acquaintances

Dogs living and dead

Occasional wayward chooks

Cops, yobs, swabs, blobs, mobs

Tawdry transcendent

Embedded ephemera

windblown through the door


Under giant monkey puzzle

in blue dawn light

watching you disappear.

Only gnarly rusty brown trunk bark,

unsullied sodden scrub grass,

stale sandalwood incense,

sweet virgin urine,

musk sweat

abide with me

You cut your leg.

I licked it better.

Under doctored monkey puzzle

in afternoon haze

inhaling wet, sweet earth.

Rustic Lama

prone alert god

basking scrumpled in seed grass

melts gold leaf sun

dreams of the run

scampering last evening

dumb flounder, scoundrel stray

easy busy summer antic hay

wild dreamscapes frolic

buzzball spangles make mad play

pause scandalous figary

gathering bright ideas

crazed dandelions




Purple sloping Wonderfield

Bog cattle hugging below

Sat like the statue thinking

Halfway up on a blasted stump

Beneath a humming pylon

Beside a scruffy gorse

Sits a painted horse

Myrtle twizzling track

Made respectable by

Tarmac and white strips

Desiccated coconut flakes

Magnolia and cherry blossom

Windblown dusting cows snouts

Makes them shuffle, snort in concert

Painted horse sneezes along aloof






Sun inside, sun outside, hens free.

It’s quarter to three: to my right is a hyacinth blue hyacinth,

elsewhere a dove coos.

Why no workies?

Smirkies, shirkies, quirkies…

Focal plane down the drain.






Woke on the water, choir in the sky.

Lost habit, out of the swing.

Naked apeshit visit.




Two two two will not do: simply nots.

Time not spent at it.




Pomes and yarns roam and darn days, nights, hours and showers: eats, drinks, & sleeps. That’s the trick, Mick.


Here’s a right one.


Crystal was shattered. Ratty Vanfrau was at the ablates again. Queer going altogether. Formegandros was a right old wrench to leave. Never spurn a taverna. Still tempers fugit…

            `His head’s gone.` observed the rookie.

            ‘Tis the time of year for it.’ said the chainsaw massacre cast.

            ‘Not that bloody rubbish again.’ Cried the crowd, aloud.

            Castlemaine was a horny bitch for King & Gentry alike. Insatiable in cerise tights, pacing the Home Office, looking frantic for a booster.

            ‘She cooked your goose, Sir.’ Said the minion, Vince, up for a good twatting.

            ‘As waltzers go sir, she’s a dodgem.’ Castlemaine stomped.



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