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Never got going today,
perhaps later on—
an after dinner surge.

Heavy lidded since getting up.
Eat, drink, and masticate—
sleep away a day.

Tuna sandwiches for tea
Fatman sings the blues
Too tired to dream tonight

Curvy Limo


Cast off April’s clout

Smelly old wives’ tale suffers

economy wash

trial by ordeal


Later in the week

(that is)

Herr Procrastinator honks

 to high heaven

dog sicks  upon carpet


couch potato olympian

(big gob minus trousers dude)

shouts commands

soused in


dreaming up new alibis


A Brief History of the Third Reich

The difference between inspiration and

desperation is concentration and…shit!

I always drift off when some dictator yaps…

You must choose twixt

enervation and determination,

incantation and renovation…fuck!

Now I’m real, real gone

Weeping crimson tree

faux desert forest : blue crap…

differentiation and elimination…shut up!

You and your nations!

You are my abomination…shit

Now I’m getting doctrination.

After skulling underwater

Tap toe trichology

Set and rinsed

Like biscuits

Already to bake






critical masses

above the above

You alone head zone reveals

Red river valley instead

Blue mountain harbour

Also sprach zarathustra

Cobbler and salmon devour

lolling on smokey grey sill

Morning Greek gifts despoiled

Is business usual?

not on your nelly…

Change is Hard



Orpheus hummed lullabies

to his underpants.

High time

for a change,

he surmised.




He got up

and walked out

through the wall.



Arcadia was a drag;

The Underworld sucked;

Olympus was passe



That was it:

Four Seasons

all day special


Sleep Daphnia

Are you in a gourd place, a worth thee situation?

Culmination: Dulcimer Concerto with Verbs

If not, how not? Where are you? How are you? What is to be done?

Let me be & let me live!

            In bed, in pain, in doubt, idling,

worrying, resisting, defying, ignoring,

avoiding, suffering, tormenting, confusing…

            Sofa so good. Comfy sofa. Groovy duvet.

Womb somewhere. Luvverly.

Somewhere baby.


Love glow: glove snow

Melt and moult.

Go Hen woman.

Cool and crispen oven…

Go, go, go-go

Pen woman…

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