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Wide Blue Wanda



Vibe changes sundown

Clustered scapples save the day

White wine weds olives

Anglepoised action stations

Awaiting further information

To impart to my reader

Zelda ‘Toots’ Zuchenslooper

A dogged fighter

Carniverous wolverine

Hypercyclically disposed

Tea and oranges

Vishusss…(hit me with a flower)

Luncheon With Eric


So we cut the abstract,

not like light or mayhem

See that, I missed it too

Perhaps it…no

Don’t fall for that


Turn off the light.

Shan’t see now



This is you and me

Once immediate

Like a memory


Important lightning

Strychnine & Gherkins



Dream this:

magnum opus lazulies

goose cystic bandoliers,

Daft, soft, puce mask

Blank buttercups

adorn droll seagulls;

Sometimes squashed

sonatas bleed;

small floppy alps

blister the horizon;

gorse wind heathers

Lay Lines


A long path alone,



you presume,

like so many others.

Likelyhoods are certainties, you conclude.

Breathe the same air or what!

Steady Tyger!

Who rattled your cage, Pal?


just people.

People like you with

splendid agendas,

like mine,

hidden treasure,

an encrypted chart,

a musty cave,

six big,

red daisies,

bad music,


wrecking ball.




Stand Easy



…mad rush phantom turd

fear false alarm no bombs

all clear for now slip back

down  fizzy coffee.

air room fug.

World flora crown sill:

red rose,

cactus rose and aloe vera,

baby cactus rose,

yucca – George the summat,

stray leafy leaf

avoids peach tobacco

stage curtains,

old small paned iron strip windows,

titan thickening privet

sprouting lawn,

brick brown semi

some big trees hide

simple horizon

planeless skies


Sortie a la plage.


at wadis elands

sip and natter,

hippos chew over

schedules and spreadsheets,

a baboon breaks cover

to bag a lax flamingo…

The sleepy papergirl wends

deftly shutting gates behind her,

delivers her wares:


sun beats flush soft

surges on verges…

more vainglorious burblings:

chattering classes

do not pay to rent

my ears with plummy guff,

hoarse hacks heckle, and snooties

snotter and guffaw.

True Sloth don’t rise.

Nine bleeps.

The leather hunters make bone soup,

dowse piss on the curing hides.

Red Lorry due at ten

Yellow lorry twelve

Patience takes Time




in sun

sat in sun

sat set sit stop

cloud two times so far

of late big black slug slow

cloud scuds west left me satin

shade so I wait to sit in sun…



Too slow

more cloud chart

black sea blue tear

drop ash in ash tray

wait to sit in  some sun

soon see no more blue black sea

now sat I sing of sun sat in


Passing Clouds

Approaching Four:


Darkening December Afternoon.


Radio and slippers on.


No pipe, or Drum,


or wattle daub.


No dread tattoo.




Still too early for the Angelus bell


– no one sounds one round here anyway –


not that I’ve heard.


Never saw one neither.


Leafy swell yesterday,


clear night so far,


foggy dew unlikely.




The Angelus (1857-1859) by Jean-François Millet.


Candid Chimera

Indian Tepee, Kenora, Ontario.

Last Night of…

extreme dreams,

stark monochrome fluid,

freeway floral wallpaper,

rotting damasks, shillelagh,

almonds and formaldehyde.


White light, white sheet.

Jammin’ Jerusalem

Jute wailing bunnies.



exhausted from the lie-in:

cobalt clear still sky

flossed with high flying drifts,

orchestras of demi-gods trail

home spent.


We scavenge the tepee for beans,

celebrate love apples with libations of strong coffee,

and weep and fear for the band snakes,

Asian gators, and tigers on the fridge, hiding behind

the fabric conditioner, still ready to pounce on sleepy

Moorhen’s eggs.


Your runnin’ and

your runnin’ and

your runnin’ away

from yourself.


Cat’s Eyes

JK's accountant over the moon


As I was working on my stare
I saw a man who was not there
He wasn’t there again today
I wish my stare would go away

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