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‘Sewer grapes, capers, tourque armada…’

Will the din ever cease, what for a moments peace!

Giblets & Ghibellines, a splurge of ante-pastor.

Parricidal, opus deified, maple turnovers,

old sage oakum, and mudlark, turdal

tidal thames, sloops in misty river,


An assignation in Flandirge Veal.

 Conspiracy with merge derby, whispers and flies.

 Glue the tumbril to the blade.

A deal is made, we swell at dawn to Deptford Dock.

Stomping on the Savoy!

Pinch, Punch!





Cheroot in hand up

to the bidet-bog.

Down to



candle lit,

curtained cave.


The news, the morning news:


Hong Kong Occupy (day six);

first Ebola in the states; 

15yr old girl off

To wed a warrior.


Sit and listen,

listen and sit,

sat idly


morning drivel.


Back to bed or not? Not.

Wrote a sketch about

The flasher in the night,

Working title: Up the Boreen.


The work, the work!

Exhausting thoughts.

I’m tired. Day is dawning. Pull the curtains open.

…A girl has been found in a London river…

She didn’t make it.





Doors of Deception



rank & file


Slurping milk stout

on a sensible,

suburban bench:

Asyl of sound


If paradise is

half as nice:


so sweet

‘More power to you elbow,

me old Mucker!


That’s just the ticket…

Sit down and make a stand!’


said Commissar


pausing for chat,

‘ Where’s it at Comrade Cat?’

‘ Ain’t you heard, old fellow me lad

There’s one gone off

in Commercial St!’

Feng Shui




after non-morning

The vestibule of frogs

Looked up,


Knowing glances,


For the sheer hell of it,






Radio Gone,

auto cut-off.

In the Smoke:

Big Matisse

Jazz Gig.

Scissor Sisters

to preside?

Sounds on the Staircase.

Voices without faces.

Cup in the Galley.

Prospect of Coffee

and Perfidy.




Ratfink fabulists!

His pursed crimson

lips made rainbows

kissed by fresh spring


Another new da Vinci exhibition,

The Last Sipper & other lesser Works,

Same faces, same places

But upside down.

‘Time, dark time,

Flowing by like a river.’

He shivered

Looking in the mirror.

‘How did I come

to give up

canonical grandeur to dally

in such quick-buck pranks…

What the hell am I

doing with

these theatre types,

for Chrissakes?’

Finkfab Ratulists!


Events, Dear Boy…Events



News about the news:

Observe basking sharks,

lost lopsided lilies,

slumping in the lagoon

pump waters from people’s homes

busy Nessies, little lochs,

tiny monsters of the shallows.

Waterlogged logs sink from sight,

nervous wrecks shiver

in Lazy Bones’ Locker.

No way, Jose!

Smart Alec McMackerel.

Wessex is the wetland of Alba.

Let it drown.

Paint your bum blue.

Join us: Stay dry.

See Soggies flood North in droves.

Border turnpike takes groats only.

Frack Ben Nevis.

Rip off Groatland.

Yawn. Nodding off…

Done in after all the sleep and squatting…

bills, deeds, duties, musts,

cant’s, coulds, shoulds, woulds;


Doze snooze nap?

And why not?

Afternoon off again…Tut, tut, tut.

Vanishing Point

text-them-home-street-art-project-for-the-homeless                            Hungry bard.

Tub of lard.

Ate the Shard

& Gherkin.

PC Mod.

Lazy sod.

Missed him.

He was shirkin’.





Choppers dominate the news:

one fell on a Glasgow pub,

the others on Lee Rigby,

a squaddie who might have been

going to or coming from a pint.

He was in London in day light,

the Glasgow chopper fell on Friday night


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