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Turning Japanese

accordion 3


Hey bitch broke curtains

Injustice pomes underway

All timing is bad…


Athenian four syllables

Laid Nagasaki waste

Minds Meet





after all,

what you wrote,

sent me



Bills, bills, bills…

Love the smog, says Chuck, give it a $500 bill

Even if it only handles Three-Fifty.

Dedication is not enough:

Starve, go mad, anything

but Christmas and the Queen.

Decent, Open violence:


No guns or knives;

smart weapons, suicide bombers

can have it all too themselves:

Totally Assured Destruction.

Watch them, video game Field Marshals

play it on the beach, with the grandkids, at Christmas,

and watch The Queen inside smart shades.dgVh9EL

Schools Out for Supper



Brenda, Hilda, Daily Dampener, Cleo’s Panda:

All Jolly natter past my open window.

A routine mantra measuring out huge

Dollops of pre-school childcare: tendergarten

Sucklings and seasoned toddlers bloodied, bibbed

and tucked, for the battle, the preparation

for bigger battles with the big bad world

After a supper

Morning Campers



the Irrational Community,

lurch to bomb bad Syrup:

pissing off

Hexbollocks and Purrshah,

And wake up in bed with Al Capone.


Mulberry Bush Obama spins.

Gnostics, Coptics, and Cardtricks bluff and bully:

‘Come on in, the slaughter’s warm this season!’


Misty Frackington-on-Gass

resounds to the gunfire crackle;

Badger, set, and  batch.


A Chinese boy weeps blood from hollow sockets

his eyes lay gouged out unseen before him on soft, red clay.


Yesterday there was a Dream

Today there is a Nightmare



Farce of Habit

This is it, Johnny on the spot a "Bill Ny...

First post
(Come to the cook house?)
much improved mood.
Scents of new sweat.
Done some thingness.
Stop turning
into a poem.

Rock the Kasbah

Teach Yourselves about Sociopaths ...item 3.. ...

World Service Station: 14.30.

Thursday, August 15, 2013


What’s so empty

about human concern

in a well-heeled brogue?




Ox famine aint it

awfulness oozes

Seeing a Roedean girl

gang-banged by

A Droog Militia who

snigger snidely.


Gymkharma ponies

crash demented

Against freeway barriers.

Pulsars of horse blood

pepper windscreens

Eye blink wipers

flick them away

As quick as a

pest in the Kasbah.



Mud and the Miscreant

Crave still and clear vision,
you never know it could, you know.
Bad lad down,
clear out of town.
Do not darken our door

bad news boy.
Come back when we’re gone out.
Sit down hard and think about it,
what you did,
You. Serves you right, eh?
Got your just deserts.
Look at you standing

lost in long grass
with toffee in your hair,

bramble scrammed calves
and shins.
Hide from the passing voices.
You’re on the run on your own.
Outsider till the smell of onions
frying, then, caught on the horns of…

land of Nod
Conflicted. In two minds caught on
Hungry man: angry man.
Be nice, take your medicine, be brave,
get fed, then go back to the Land of Nod you little sod.


Listen ... Rape is a polictically volatile top...

‘What do you do when the muse shows up?

‘Hide the biscuits’


‘Oh yes… stands to reason five months on the frozen tundra, hunters after ones antlers’

‘Syringe your ears’

‘Not yet’


‘You said Ginger nears’



NPR NEWS | Listen to the Story. Eastern State ...

Forget to learn there once was jam and black

berry toast. You cannot mend a broken

heart or a broken law; fines, sanctions, cautions,

cops, courts, gaol, torture, solitary confinement,

screws, life, death, release, parole, escape, execution,

appeal, discharge, rehabilitation, detox…

commit another one: food for thunk.

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