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The Glover’s Apprentice



just as I stormed out

(stories of abrupt

departure & failed

reunion make up

this – my stock in trade)

all anguish became

fear & suspicion

(once again the guilt of the

victim who has always had



The only blood spilt

was as ever mine

yet I was in the wrong just as

ever I was before for as

long as I could remember


There were my motives

always questioned and

wistfully approved by those

who held the sway over things

at that particular time…

(to be continued…)

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…educated right hand
toyed with me but briefly
before easily putting me down
with a dismissive squib
and a scintillating boat
hook that landed me sparko
on the seat of my scruples
— did not see what that was
coming for the life of me…
anyways flattened him good
in the third with a lusty
left upper ignoramus
wiped the smarm off
his valentine in a jiff it did…

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Killing time watching

silent movies on tv, just subtitles and soundtrack:
you are your own narrator, sat glued to your box, making sense
Somewhere Grace is sipping her morning Soave
shakily through a barbershop straw
recalling the warm thrall of Séance on a Wet Afternoon
hatching sub-plots for new crypsis
Next door a cynical foetus lurks
Listening to Statesboro Blues
Enraptured by womb thoughts
‘Meeting myself on the Way Back’
Repeats like film noir
Primo Carnero
Doffs his coxcomb
Syncopates fancy knotwork
Crying in a pisspot
full of contorting lugworms
Time is a great paella
Dunshaggin’ reads the legend
On the y-shaped coffin box


Crack! Crushed a sequin
Silver sequin embedded
Moonlight blue table cloth
Blew a dream to smithereens
Heavy handed oafish clot
Butterflies crushed on cartwheels
Like Wilfred Hyde Whyte
With a sledgehammer

Sweet Dreams Baby

Dolores del Rio

Slept naked and light

Under a mosquito net

When the howls started

Red ants enveloped her

Wading defiant ravenous

Steadfast as Durutti columns

About her omphalos

Lapping crass molasses

Slow high thin black cloud

Bisected the fulsome moon

As a cut throat razor rent

Her mindseye’s worst nightmare

Of being eaten alive

Veronica Lake


…after a prolonged retreat

back in the sod-all,


to the ordure.

Like micky spillane

Complete with

A brain

In a drain


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