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The Turning

Nightshade glade blue-green

grey tourquoise skies

low fast smoke cloud wafts

a mango rim october dawn

sly yellows exposed.


The weekend looks quiet,

walk the dog,

eat the fridge,

frugal rations,

no rugby.

A turning point in the year.

Break Out Day

Vibrant dawn dazzles

Pitch bone slate lamp nightdreamers

Eyeblink shadows flit

Earlybirds dart brisk alert

Incanted day arrives

Perfect golden light

Rakes tree leaf and bark

Hope springs all prisoners




a face full of kites & whites

all plot lost to angst

Sorted out my window sill

Nothings mission crept

anguish swept away substance

stupid hat cant rant

House of Teeth beneath

The North face of The Ogre!

Daily melanoma gobshites

West of Eden seething:

bleeding all the way to the tankā€¦




day dawns grey pink crazy haze

dream genie quits bird for bottle

torpid rush hour to Squit City.

slow sleepy jet trails backward.

Solitary blackbird yawns

when you have read this

check top of head for gaps


You just did a pome


Better luck next time




Warm Soul Dawn

two rooms and garden

Snake hose primrose yellow runs meanderless

through thick savannah and potato patch

prairie beside grike-weeded barren footpath.

To the east of the picket line, fowl prowl,

looking out for grain and grub beneath a bathroom sky.

Last night, in the wee small hours, Paws visited.

This morning, I return the blessing and shed a lidful.


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