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I saw her on my morning

The middle of her night

Blocking the toilet in

Hospital light


I will see her later on

On her morning

And we will argue

about fuck all


This evening in the middle

Of her day

The washing machine will

Stop me from napping


We will eat supper for lunch

And I will dream of

Thermo-Nuclear War

In Praise of Old Tom Crapper



Watch the gooks

on Pmq’s

and have pity

for the loos..


Home on Derange



Bay mare breeder, electric ether, head crazed

by on goings, sore to touch, touchily.

Tetchy little englander brought down to size

Colour, gender of choice, within boundless

Law: The Right of Light.

Torches rally, burn the beast, cauterize the earth.

Escalation, destination desolation:

regard slow time; report the truth; received

communication distorts, parts words apart.


Darwin’s social agents popped in for a peep,

Pick up old confetti, soaping soft,

the right boys to do a boy’s job. Inside

a cringe (a swallowed outburst still emits gas)

and a barbed stiletto of rebuke.

They and I are hamstrung by pace, them too

much, me too little. Who is piggy in the middle?

The I of the storm The individual…

The news is abroad, I wish it well on

its journey to ignorance, words are so cheap

They are Free

Big Foot in Mouth




Act your age

Not your

Shoe size

What! I said

Two thousand

Five hundred


Clacton Calling



Sur le Plage, de l’Or



the beach



Norman's Bay Starfish



O’er them  dunes,

Cap’n Mudd!’


Says Mrs Hands.


…just go left at the war mines,

 right at the shipwreck,


Bob’s yer Uncle

It’s just there

opposite Aldi.’

Put on, or should it be, donned

John’s bonce on the hob.

Brain versus brawn

is a no-brainer.



after a lean while

Herod buys bonking time,

hides it in his Wish Urn


The sheer, brazen


Sauce of the fellow!


‘Chopsy prophet.

Salome’s mum

was a right one




Folkestone Ferry


On Golden Beach.

Lemmings swarm


Ferreting about.

Dredgers look on.


In easy, idle, calm.



Just waiting

for the

Ebb to Flow


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