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Chainsmoking cheroots

Looking down the gunbarrel

Maybe she wrote me that letter

I will never know

& if I did what difference

Would it make these days?


I will never know about

That either I suppose

so imponderables go


Image you crouched over

 See you fret hard over every

word until beaten brow snaps


furrow yields up  fears

beads come tumbling down

petrify snap splinter speck


pulver turn to dust

much as chimney sweeps

or this dry pressed iris





Each cherished savoury thought

generates breathless excitement

waiting in orderly queue

 having ordered ghost fish

envisioned perched atop

plentiful fulsome ghost chips

 complimentary mushy peas

salt & vinegar lashings

down the Deep Sea takeaway

every Tuesday night


In a thumbflick

Is the world unfurled

Mine are clumsy unused

Maladapted digits

Insignificant swollen

Leprous pointless digits

One may conclude there’s no point

In this activity

One may so conclude

Storm in a teacup


Chipped enamel

Hairline fractures battered glaze

Otherwise escaped unscathed

Got off lightly close run thing

Hurricane Typhoo subsides

Tropical tempest

Blows itself away




Evening nightmares evade a gibbous moon

With canny sublimation, molten incantations

Meld in candled pen and ink hard silences,

Reams of craven, puerile words, agitate for love

In the face of victory. Love is lost and awkward

Youth undone.


Gonzalo’s Tale



Another bitty night, the wind’s to blame,

the Ham, the game, the Cheese, they all took part,

but did not do what you did, Maria…

You sly one, you twisted, silent, deadly sister

Due to your emission,  I will suffer

endless tumult and derision and you will

live to lie in pastures new as if butter did not melt

Guts are a bit choppy, the wind’s to blame

I explain to the assembled throng who

Conclude it was me, not you who caused the pong

Now, simpled, feeling a complicit tool

You play it Cool, queen the art of cool,

woman’s grudge is women’s definition,

Powder your nose, pass the ammunition.


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