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Tea roses tint dew drops glint
wuthered sandstone,
the hand carved city of stone
lonesome gremlins

A stone cat
hewn behind an air vent purrs:
lured on by pareidolia
faded mirage on a solar phone

Scent fumes escape a golden august feast barn
marooned in nut sedge slate
overlooking the well hung
gardenias of Armageddon

Watch transixed as black air spews
out of a cave
Once a

furred slinky gal
in a topaz farthingale sheltered
Happy as steam Radio
reclines humming a refrain
arrogated by those she shunned


Susurrous rumblings
precursors of tumult
Saturday morning berserkers
‘A parcel for you, Suh!’
A Postie declares.
Kashchey the Deathless
Makes merry downstairs
Varnishing rococo baubles
Warm winsome dead soul

Daisy Garnish



Green sea privet wind sculpts poplars
going past fast in passing car
squint out through hole in  steamy window
hot breath demystifies cold sweat
blazer sleeve wiper keeps round
cuff for stubborn corners

casts poor vision out of sight look back craning straining neck
squeaky cyan leather sure stings bare hams
to glance in rear view mirror risks

catching knowing eyes
eyes grow poorer by the day
better learn to touch type quackly
(frivol drivel warms up fingies,,,)
rest third eye on bare metal
mystifying twight windows

under seawinds batter privet
into loose submission
elementary old dear maelstorm
cold fingers frigid lightning mock
crystal tips descend steep steps
proof there’s no more time to waste
for times been running out forever

read that back with gravitas
dead dull & plausibly obscene
like courtesy embraces:
See which woman stalks the streets
scaring off small mammals
with an old fashioned look
she learnt when still quite young
allowing mercy to flee the sun




seasonal despair

annihilation is dead

hope springs diurnal

The Quandary



Is there fur will, yes or no?

a bald dog hollered.

Finger shows telling

ghoulish tales of reading

after dark descends

the staircase bearing scissors:

The Barber of Free Will

Anti Political Broadside

Farmer Jones


Manor farm narcolepsy

Soporific chattering classes

Plum voiced gobbledygook

Farmer Jones dismissed

Afternoon of sport

Formula one gymnastics

Garden of earthly delight

Bursts out in force

Blonde Table



candle fires livid

evanescent gloaming hour

softening sore eyes

igniting granite spindles

fetch away blue blues

duping day to grey

opaque sketch on pastel

sea horse manes underwater


Karmic Army



Kids play troops off school

Organising scarce resources

Just in case of course

Day Release



Cars kiss by my window

A same old story morning


On Circumstances (being what they are…)




Mist & drizzle





New York




Live and Learn

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