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New Morning



eight o’clock new money

please release me let me go

morning doggo do



orwell hero terror


voices motley say

plain as pike staff this

the boss aint

got no threads on

bare as the day

he got born

shouting out orders

to us illiterates

in greek

in latin

unknown tongues

Hector’s House

hector with thistles


manic barking mad

loud loquacious luminaries

call us to come heel

Thumb Prick



light shows up

(quarter to five, half-moon)

Last week it blocked the sun.

Look at it now – pathetique

so they say: they say a lot.

Hector, lecture, subliminate

like snicks, little nicks, chance contacts


grass blade cuts

wince you sizzle

Pursed lemon juiceface

Sharp Vinegar does  it too.

Oh! Don’t…cruel to be

Sometimes just pain spit then you get it.

Edge of page]

Especially hardbacks

Sharper guillotines

They say a lot. They say a lot.

Cutting things. who’s next?

that’s the rub, there you are,

Likens to one big tombola

Well random spinning

tube trap door

pink scrumbled chitties churned

Just reach in

bobs your uncle bob.

Hands knees &

Booms a daisy.

Silly really.


Brunch on the Hop



Stilton, garlic,

three-egg omelette,

ripe vine tomato,

breaded cure ham





two rooms and garden

stone sand daffodils


how day grew slim on little gem


ecstatic yellow


Toad Moon



palpable sea change

calypso ipso facto

red rum chronicles

The Die is Cast Off



…aside from scrub

scatted Street Legal,

flew solo around

the warm grey upstairs

spreading love

and affection with

my every breath.

I had a pony:

its name was Lucifer…

Cuddly Vicars #8



Feeling lucky, mucky, clucky?

Spike the Curate’s eggs.

Wind’s dropped, termite respite;

north-westerly’s will freeze

your bollox off.

No vest for the whack-ed.

Fools down tools

play pooh-sticks in the urinal,

paper boats float upstream

(a blocked drain in Sao Paulo).

The Surgical Spirit of Joy



More murky murk

Mufti wades through grey

Morning Match of Day

No blocked beds

Must scrub up

Ready for Theatre

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