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In Her Own Write

book of the week ends with six pips
her name was Beryl Bainbridge
her sparkling eyes & dazzling quips
cascading from her lucid lips
finely sculpted flattened vowels
came back to me from
a documentary I once saw
about John Lennon

…Radio Ron?



Pop up half mill.

Say it again.

Pop up…light sill.


Dried flowers, heads well dead.

-‘allo Vera

-‘allo Grim


All I recall before the whirring blur…

Landrover in the hall.

Half banana & Muesli.

Cheesy cauli scoff by Bo.

Nix no more…


Spectacle respectable,

hi-silver scudders

heading Wenward.


Fade to mauve diluted grey.

Two crows lope left.

Stilled of a sudden.


A polyp in Port Said

abundant floribunda.

No man cast asunder

Cooking on Daz



Spuds on, oven off.

Daily Gerontius with Olive Spadeface.

Leaves are hard to draw when you’re crap.

Two bags of Walker’s previously salted & some savoury balls of

Obscure provenance.


It’s a rap trap, Baby – & you been tort.

That’s me in the sauna, losing my spaghetti.

Blob and Mutt.

They of the far-famed gut

Jellyroll Morpeth.


Son of that sod: Maximillian Swell.

Cast of Godsends, back from the groove.

Loosely hanging, cockless in Dawlish

waiting for a brain. Feeling Vera’s

braiding Himmler’s genes. One. One. One.

Get Rich Quick


The wealth of notions,



quelled by herbal



vigilant magpie,

looking up for it

like a ska band cover;


gathering storm clouds

from the unfair,

violet west:


all of these

and more

by invasion

define my musing,

trip me up

as I oil up



for slippery,

deeps matters of state.


Excuses whisper

it is said on the


it is said.


I collapse in

Turquoise slop,

trying to remember


these excuses were…


All power to the imagination!




When push

came to shove.

As it Happens

Dejeune Dada


Wild notes:

A bit of a whopper!


Had to get these down before I got stuck

cheroooted to the table.

Thanks to Danny Baker.


Warmed my butt and sacrum

with the oat and lavender bags

flicked through the morning stations for



information –

in short, company.

Other voices.


Came across the Danny Baker Show,

a show I like and always forget to listen to

I am so bogged down in my listening ways.


The item was about Greenland’s timezone-less centre;

how they called it Greenland because Vikings

wanted to deter invaders from their cherished Iceland;

another item mentioned ‘thundersnow’

and I was away. Up for it, writing came first

and I made some jots:


These are they.


Saturday mornings Punk Odyssey

Drongo pomes dialogue.


The Vanmitzvah;


little feral red van


big red van/bus does

not stop at my gate.


Passed by a boy: came back a man.

Returned, emerged.

Apple in a football ground.

Thundersnow on a lowlight






Little Woods

Denis Griffiths, tenor, publicity shot taken f...

Trying too hard; put simply,

can’t decide where to start.

As you mean to go on?

As good as



So here we

are again.

The square one.

A saying that comes from



so that the


could follow on a grid

in the Radio Times.

But where was the square one?

The middle, the corners,

In the net?




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