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Penumbra Forest Tours



In wine we confuse

Confusing wine

Drinking health

Unhealthy drink

A knot wept: saw

Ariadne’s spool

Has me undone

Like snowflakes

in moonjuice

Thumb Prick



light shows up

(quarter to five, half-moon)

Last week it blocked the sun.

Look at it now – pathetique

so they say: they say a lot.

Hector, lecture, subliminate

like snicks, little nicks, chance contacts


grass blade cuts

wince you sizzle

Pursed lemon juiceface

Sharp Vinegar does  it too.

Oh! Don’t…cruel to be

Sometimes just pain spit then you get it.

Edge of page]

Especially hardbacks

Sharper guillotines

They say a lot. They say a lot.

Cutting things. who’s next?

that’s the rub, there you are,

Likens to one big tombola

Well random spinning

tube trap door

pink scrumbled chitties churned

Just reach in

bobs your uncle bob.

Hands knees &

Booms a daisy.

Silly really.


The Procession



The pain it appears has passed,

a twisted and not strangulated

abdominal fibre of being,

fleeting, frit, clinging,

nagging little sod.


All dead in crash.

I as usual am none the wiser,

interested yet not especially engaged

to task myself too hard (life’s burdensome

enough, my excuse, get out clause – life’s too short).

Who knows what the light will bring?


He’s passed again, a quick in and out,

minding his own business,

being as little trouble as.

My head! Doing a tango, having a wobble

at the drop of a hat, hearing pins drop.


You know, you know.

Night creatures: silver fish, monopods,

opaque gadabouts – a proper rumpus.

Alexander’s Ragtime Band

cut throats and ruffians,

red and rubber necks, craning,

inching forward,

onward to the din

Slasher and trombone





This is not fair



On my way here,



Supine in


a white



guess what?



got some treasure

fallen it was

like a woman




loose, heavy,

easy display:

golden showers!



obtuse lanquid splashes

lit dense wet grass,

teasing out


silver crystal

ephemeral sprites:



trinkets, but too

quick, robust,

capricious to pocket,

to show off



to softer, bolder presences…


Noon’s Guys gathered round,

casting shorter shadows,

Origin – a higher calling:

sotto voce potentates,

you know the sort,

plotting spring offensives

left me none the wiser


in fact

Sort of stiff,

jabs in brachia,

pains more swamped than killed.


Still a worry thought

cause for concern

thence diversion.


Two, no three, doughnuts.

Whoosh! Guess what?

It had gone.

Killer Gerbil Rap



Official Announcement

Rattus rattus innocent

Black death rap lifted

Gerbils indicted post mortem

Vermin in Ermin to rule

Spoonless in Sparta



Where was the spoon?

The Spoon – the fucking spoon!

Water was running,

Loud and constant

running water

You left the fucking tap on!

He could just make out the familiar, nasal tone.

My eyelash is awash with milk suds

Not quite a froth

Clambering from the cereal bowl

Was arduous hard

Like pond weed

And gypsy tart


James Orchard Halliwell-Phillipps


Walked up & down stairs

twelve steps up twenty four back

Danger! Loose Slippers


Drawbacks of Cartesian Dualism #1: The Hatstand Syndrome



Each night after

Unscrewing your head

And resting it down

on your surrealistic Pillow

Make a vow

To replace it

On your neck

Before you

Get up

Cookie Monster


Wolf Hall calls me:

‘Hi, howl are you?’

‘Ravenous –



Change is Hard



Orpheus hummed lullabies

to his underpants.

High time

for a change,

he surmised.




He got up

and walked out

through the wall.



Arcadia was a drag;

The Underworld sucked;

Olympus was passe



That was it:

Four Seasons

all day special


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