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Keep Calm & Carry On


Chief Executor

Osbourne spouts reassurance

for the stockholders

Corbyn cornered by

playground Famous Five rotters

Germans getting pissed off waiting

Water runs the wrong way

Down the kitchen sink

The world’s turned upside down

That’s why I got out the wrong side of bed

Turning with my back to the wall

That is always behind me

Play for Today



Sit down & pull up a fence…


Okay—rain check Day

Two day break from all of it

(Football, Brexit, gardening…)



(Serious question eyebrow)


(assumes if I must face

clears throat & utters)

Where is all this going to?


Shit! I though as much


I dunno


Light another cigarette


(one last wish before the plunge)



For what?

snap quick–gobsmack


Think fast blurt it out

No rashers – Danish

Diversionary tactics


Just leave me alone

Long pause – dead air waves

O My God!


O My Giddy Aunt

Things can never be the same again

Not even the weather?


No – Not even the weather


Time passes

Time slowly passes

Can I go now?

Sit down – have a donut


But I…

Sit down – have a friggin’ donut!




Big Red Bloomer


Wireless witterings

Rain clouds

Gather to shower

On the hour every hour

Amaryllis flowers

wild weekend

remind me to put

out the empty milk bottles

sunday evening

Bird’s Nest Soup

‘Weatherwise it’s

Dustpan ugly day…’


Found enlightenment

in sunshine running

a soap oratario

a sudden inlook

at the parts I play

in the loneliness yarn.


From Buddha to Alhasfa

Dillinger to Jesus

Costume changes.

And So do yours.

How fucking mad is it to

think that we are all

characters at play!


Shoot! That went quick

One moment conversation

Then it’s Old Beijing

Full of shit and twigs

Two thousand and eight

Was a good year for Birdnests

Who are those Guys?

English: The Golden Gate Bridge refracted in r...

Raindrops keep falling on my shed

and just like the drain that is

too big for its head, epileptic fit,

though I’ll never ever stop my brain by explaining.

So, I’ll go do me some walking with a Nun;

she said that is no way to kingdom come,

acting like a bum,

then off she runs,

with my loaded gun.


There’s one thing I know the shoes

my uncle left me do not fit me.

It won’t be long till the pointy toes

will start to nick me.


And raindrops keep falling on my shed…








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