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Sweet Pervasive Zephyrs Blow


Wes Montgomery

brings out the lounge lizard in me

it is late summer

overlooking Miami beach

thunderbirds crawl curbs

cruising palm lined palisades

we prefer Kent to Winston

all the colour footage lost

its integrity

over exposure they reckoned

just these few black & white negs

to recapture the smell of hope

we knew it could not last long

deep down in our heart of hearts

just glad this survived



Less for Murder


post-traumatic stress

disorder after reading


& occasional diamonds

waiting four years omnibusk




when he said to you

whomsoever you may be

feeling nothing much

staring into spaces

resembling going spare rooms

set aside for punishment &

broken suitcases


Glance sea

sand like time


through my fingers


down chiffon

fifteen golden grains

resting on my

infant toes

Lighthouse Nighthouse

Huguenot lovers on St. Bartholomew's Day


Cricket and pills.


A Huguenot calls.


We talk balls.


Share our ills.




I do not wear lace since chiffon left.


Yet the memory of soap suds abides.




The medication commences just


after lunchtime on the second day.


Two down eight to go. Too high to control:


off the mark. breathe a sigh of brief relief.


Night is right.




Theodolites at dawn portend a repast


of frogs and lizards.


We shall heat them up before we eat them up


watching for triremes from the lighthouse penthouse.


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