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Purple sloping Wonderfield

Bog cattle hugging below

Sat like the statue thinking

Halfway up on a blasted stump

Beneath a humming pylon

Beside a scruffy gorse

Sits a painted horse

Myrtle twizzling track

Made respectable by

Tarmac and white strips

Desiccated coconut flakes

Magnolia and cherry blossom

Windblown dusting cows snouts

Makes them shuffle, snort in concert

Painted horse sneezes along aloof




a face full of kites & whites

all plot lost to angst

Sorted out my window sill

Nothings mission crept

anguish swept away substance

stupid hat cant rant

House of Teeth beneath

The North face of The Ogre!

Daily melanoma gobshites

West of Eden seething:

bleeding all the way to the tank…


day dawns grey pink crazy haze

dream genie quits bird for bottle

torpid rush hour to Squit City.

slow sleepy jet trails backward.

Solitary blackbird yawns

when you have read this

check top of head for gaps


You just did a pome


Better luck next time






Bird has got to fly

Poets gotta sing

the truth

Maya angelou

Sang to me sotto voce

Like a freebird that

Could not give

a damme

Or an irish



A wigwam



The Ashes



The woman at the next table

passed me the ashtray

with a kind and understanding smile.

I poured myself in with gusto.

I do not care for the one

with the mean grimace and fixed gaze.









Bribed my memory

To serve me well for a while

Let’s see what happens

The Swim



Refugee bodies

Respectively estimated

Around two hundred

Mass exodus proportions

Rio de Janeiro fishes

Ahead in the polls

Twenty sixteen Olympics

Might be a stinker

Climate change to blame

Too many fish in the sea

Like men

Most worth throwing back

World in terrible chassis

The Quandary



Is there fur will, yes or no?

a bald dog hollered.

Finger shows telling

ghoulish tales of reading

after dark descends

the staircase bearing scissors:

The Barber of Free Will

Design for Loaf


On days like these…

climb up trees

worship iguana

axolotls go a long way

sometimes wear pyjama


Always remember…

The sound is always

preferable to the furies




Take it easy my fine fellow.

Let the air breathe you.

Cliché-ville in two hours!


requires effort not force,

focus not hocus pocus.

Step outside your omphalos, Carlos.

See the world as same as us.

Anti Political Broadside

Farmer Jones


Manor farm narcolepsy

Soporific chattering classes

Plum voiced gobbledygook

Farmer Jones dismissed

Afternoon of sport

Formula one gymnastics

Garden of earthly delight

Bursts out in force

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