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Head of

Head of

The essential difficulty with Mssr Grimbeau’s

pomes is  that they are crap & drivel




self-knowledge is

a wonderful thing.



World Banker

World Banker


A Week of Wakes

High tides beckon

Water snakes


Sacrum idyll

For Padjamers

Get tranqil,

In Calma…


‘Weather’s here –

Wish you were



Tarakos is

Not like Cos…


So next year…

Charabanc to



Sumatra - Lake Toba - 2002 (18)

Cripes a Gull!

In a dank, mildewed grike the bells either

ding, dong, or dull.

The last spat of evening hedgelights the sward.

Then, in the blank of an eye and a

flicker of wee finger

we hear us considering the climate of Sumatra

(a place that should rhyme with tomato).

Things get dafter and soon after

we settle on Java instead.

You’ve got to…

c. 1630

disseminate the creasote,

eliminate the soft soap,

perpetrate a bank job,

and don’t mess with canneloni beans


You’ve not to…

obliviate the blue note

denigrate an old scrote,

consummate a dead goat

and then defenestrate the queen


look at the sun

it’s great fun

make yourself blind

and then it’s done

darkness ain’t all bad


remember to…

make a resolution

to eat a rosicrucean

and celebrate confusion

and don’t go to sleep before your dreams


One more time!

Don’t go to sleep before your dreams…yeah!






Mad Ithaca

Chronicles of an endgame sour the day,

the last cormorant glides home half-asleep.

mauve tapering headland not faraway

Is darker; the treachery still indiscrete.

I trail past the quiet, dark caravan,

chest pounding with sorrow; tried to walk it

off but it don’t go – a woe-begotten

rotten vixen’s smashed my fragile heart.

On the rise, I make up the chintzy night scene

of Port Ithaca’s tourist hostelries.

Thronging poached Grockles being obscene

Python Lee Jacksons in a broken dream

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