Wibbly-wobbly from 
the mix of food & barbies

Boris the Bulldozer
Venal disobedience

Deathrow expansion approved 
by ruling classes—

all merry hell to break loose
To govern and be governed to

One way discourses are so
Abortively pedantic

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Little Giddy



gamelin1779surgiteWhere have i been
where have i been
sleeping on benches
proroguing the queen?
nine eleven or eleven nine
the day the trade centre got hit in new york
ah yes i remember it well
junk mail piling up in Cork
heading for the fall
initiation rites of passage
people looking savage
grittish standoff time
huns across the ocean

Where have i been
Where have i been
sleeping on benches
proroguing the queen




…reluctantly entubbed
abducted rent ripped scrubbed
upheaved lumpen blotched marooned
flesh eaten caustic eyes crazed after abject archery
she sits stuffing skyfall
amongst her rhapsodies and catapults
recounting escapades
with formaldehyde and fur…

Locofoco (…Sam was in the Kitchen)

had a thought
lost it
i lost the thought

that very thought
poplar with farm animals
sam woud be amused
no end

this is a masterpeice
from the last

Daisy Garnish



Green sea privet wind sculpts poplars
going past fast in passing car
squint out through hole in  steamy window
hot breath demystifies cold sweat
blazer sleeve wiper keeps round
cuff for stubborn corners

casts poor vision out of sight look back craning straining neck
squeaky cyan leather sure stings bare hams
to glance in rear view mirror risks

catching knowing eyes
eyes grow poorer by the day
better learn to touch type quackly
(frivol drivel warms up fingies,,,)
rest third eye on bare metal
mystifying twight windows

under seawinds batter privet
into loose submission
elementary old dear maelstorm
cold fingers frigid lightning mock
crystal tips descend steep steps
proof there’s no more time to waste
for times been running out forever

read that back with gravitas
dead dull & plausibly obscene
like courtesy embraces:
See which woman stalks the streets
scaring off small mammals
with an old fashioned look
she learnt when still quite young
allowing mercy to flee the sun

Instant Coma



Two whites go mad gun down real people beings
monsters die hard and ugly
raging gainst the dying
in their x ray sights

good time for a change
arrest is not an option
simply went berserk
godly in a godless world
Two whites go mad gun down real people beings

outlaw supply and demand
screams Judge Roy Bean on a green machine
weighing up his options
a disturbance in the swarming horde
Two whites go mad gun down real people beings

Soothing Walls




Brexit like a stale fart stench
red miasma churns the august milk:
turns said milk of human blindness
rancid as a cheesy bishop
genuflecting to a coup d’etat
Big bad money must go somewhere
when Savonarola
corners the art market
at once and for all comers

A Purple sky portends floodstorms down west;
morning shadows simper on the wall;
pound of flesh worth a jaded euro;
no second world status
between first and third storey
these days down at capital records.
At dark at four-thirty
in a curious museum;
be in no doubt blue mummers
will step on your faces
just to get their own way

Third Manhole on the Right


Wailing diva finales
topped off by dread typanum
ends with high wire act minus hairnet.
The Tools that Live On the Hill buzz frantic
chill out in pastures
blue optimism just a phase;
honey moon periods pass;
when the whip cracks; sudden lethargy whacks.
Inaction stations assumed,
The Gloomsters sandbags
fill with stolid air…
A Third Man appears
as if by magic
strumming zither rising to a crescendo
in treelined Sante Fe.
Holly was born to be murdered
and Trevor Howard did not want
to complicate his watch:
Trevor Howard is the God Apollo;
Hairy Lime a sewer rat Dionysus;
Wartorn Vienna is weird Thebes;
False teeth are Thalidomide;
Chrysanthemums don’t make it right…
Cuckoo Clocks go off on the Fairground

A Concife Hifftory of Crucifiction



…so posted and wiped up
dumping crap on garbage heap festooned with abject voices
moaning on the tundra frail
insouciance scrolling down for snipppets

only to tempt you into a look ma no hands
its me alone before a cool device
that makes me feel autonomous
freely pouring out my soul
persistent online bleeding
out in public on anonymous
street in full view of lonely
avenue where Junior Wells plays harp to passers
by who look up in curiosity only to
discover a chancer with delusions of grandeur
in a panama hat sucking toothless
gums for titbits after an obstinate
chip of stale pitta induced spluttering and panic
before being washed down with a gulp
of cold coffee then a twinge
in the middle finger
whose name is forgotten
next to the index and ring
on the left hand so what is the right little sad
if nameless call it unknown soldier
close to one of two little piglets


Phaeton rides out



Forty degrees centigrade
One hundred fahrenheit
Known records under threat
Summer of nutters peaks
Sprinkle sand on your cornflakes–
telly punsters looking sweaty
for posterity




Civil arrest is assured, surefire cert, watertight as a bubble, nailed up and bleeding out in the carry out bag, so thought us, we Onlooksters, us hip, wary unsocial citizens on wily weasel watch out, waiting & seeing in the tubeway twilight, pacing lax diligent while gentries diddle and squander, cautious of folly warblers, bluster bunglers, poe faced rustic bumblers, dispersing penny rumblers & townhall burglars and humble grumblers, putting in a shift or three overtime, excluding weekends and bank hols.

all the same under a warty skein, the human been, substance foreshortens showerscent bombs shelter under here until out passing duck.  by the dwarf wall a lesser spotted botanist records skiffle driven burly billy doing Rosemary on spoons. burning brazier cliche film set underclass waltz slow round prams full of half price sarnies

bird flew took turn for the worse into a tupperware toadstool, seen so regretting rash left manoeuvre at crossroads marked ! luck whim preprioperceptivity flaw, every one a wrong one. nowthinks make your own & best of that given given circus, belfry nun for herself. graabit sue & run like le wind up the passage on a cold November morn. close call in the close. bottoms up for cheeky loosers. park up and ride roughshod o’er the see to sky.

beluga blows piccolo purt pert small aperture squeezes out seasmelly swift farts; heifers ride zephyrs hippety-hop skimsurf medallions dinkle and twink; the plaice is alive combusted with whoops guffaws fiddlers pipe up predictably mackintosh sidles past belushed beheaded but not hatless whistling toothless kettle simmer slips

feast addresses assemble tongs purloined from stately hearths old yorick gets an outing a spin about old hants and stamping grounds here kerrydancers did it under bushes hedges on sedge and stick insect and croaking gull


so a flood–good clear wash the air came no nurses no tobacco no cased
up joint in point so back to bed to lie in wait–pardon me for living on
nurses come honey trip infers long haul; flaky midnight moolicked
memory shook up like a shaky dead geranium; dog waits by gate waiting in the
rain; chicken chaser fart bike not to be scoffed at given circumstances commensurate

with present predicament…furrday grafter ruin
stumbles in lurching forward through planet weekend spreading sombers;
return to noddyland to envisage on steam radio tireless wireless
shakes and vacs the golden age of blue rinse; flaccid naked populists
lay seige to Nighthouse gather to perform entranced satanic rites on
manicured lawns: burning crosses, eating babies, spouting profanities, ‘drop the big one, drop the big one’ ;

ithacan majolica rudeboy snugly tucked in for the night of unspeakable horrors ahead; find a voice in joyce money roots it
all commode syndicated stakeheld firmly in wine hand; in here it is
somewhere sunken hidden oomph
at a loss without; inclemency granted by the dote; discomfiture lags; soggy bottom bowers; callow fields drip dry;
underwater bunker hunkers well
down woken by noises deep within unknown long buried ferret.

loch neagh immense inland sea conceals a water city alive with thrown back fish that jingo John West rejected ploughing pastures old
as the hills that sweep down to the cheese;
old slowcoaches trundle by before cranberry eyes;
in moments maladroit reportage flops; all
in a big heap as if of potato sack familial; loaf and the weird
loaf with as pricip soon sorts chaffwheat issue. Troll by ordeal harassed from
the grave beyond. Malicious gossip infests propriety rocked to its hairy foundations.

Shipping: Lost



Sienna..Brnt Tst—–Tsssk. Frazzed rash errs (fatsplash zaps knuckle)- Jeez-ohh!
. White..Cotton wooly lambkin gambols emerald glade sprinkles stream scrambles eggs
. No. Suprise denial disbelief resists refutes affirms clears up clears off all clear incensed
. The. Case in point particular article ; umbra pen multi-caliphed rumination on desired ob
. Cyan. Sweet ide coreoles swishful sinking moonsun simples soggy mangrove shadow
. Under. Upover unside inside outer hindered footnote closer thunder hoof mock current
. Joke. Given circum stands askew confounds bet yous witha twisted turn twists tongue mind
. Order. Ouch command concur obey or else comeuppance peace tames war vigil strife watch
. Crowd comprises several more that one sometimes oppressive two or invasive one
. Bitesize travel friendly oral fixated need containing appeasing pleasing nourishment time fill
. Mojo hangs heel kicking round lost & found scheming planning spring offensive manoeuvres
. Cuckhold for sale or rent rooms to let plenty sense no ties no plumes no scents AEIOU
. Scandal oops a shirt by swimming pool floats gently to the floor by security moonlight
. Dull Ache days renderedredundant describing circling kites via motion picture still lifes

ET Sent Home



Sunday: Wrote to H, he replied! I replied.
He replied first though–in a sense–so there.
Hausfrau sleeps fun off. Cricket and Tennis
left to keep me real for now.
Feathermouse bioupgrades to Mousefeather
Drifts away to dry on idle thermals
criss-crosses skimarked skies declare
blue snow a first in such climes…
resist the flying pig roast passing over
St Swithin cops a deaf ‘un
keeps his pigeon powder dry

Rainy Newt House



Alehouse crocs devour paradox wracked by lounge bar lizards with goosebump gizzards one armed bandits sneer
empty handed begging favours look for crazed saviours cops burst in quelling din quenching fires after one
fun begun when we met a saucy fish dish only found out later alligator some time later when in came pater
baked potato hot to handle looked around took a bitesize chunk settled down blowy night by fazed candle night …

Green golden sleeves droop willowy supine over sable fable plots footpads trip light
elastic flagstones
sneak thief wily gulley snipe giggles echo ghoulish splatter dash dissolve down cobbled runnels cunny
air drains for miasma and hoop lanes squat arched floribunda sprout from brick grikes and get mistook for cat burglars
posies…fistful of sixes, fistful of sevens overspruced suitors don best bib and tucker
smile coyly erect
Get besplat with coal juiced sleet dropping by to pass on a promise of nevermore sorrow eternal blisses
steal furtive kisses contacting sublime lilting learned on all things and everything you honour to neglect.


Meanwhile Hope downtown
springs eternal thanks to electric shock therapy…

Episode seven: The Rape of the Lick
Apeshit in Dudley Salterton (the only game in town)
Deaf Mango Party Pack plays a Humdinger de Luxe
Carpal tension quelled by stirrup pump & unction
Going going gong…Squawky Flitch prevails over a Jug
bring on the main event
During the crash of two zeros eight queueing up outside
Northern Rock in Brixton
Retrieving a lifetime’s savings.
Rodgered once more by de Cover Up
retreat into
Insecure obscurity
battening down hatches
weathering the storm
The one that never stops
Hurricane Harry hits Louisiana
Twisters blister bayou
Savage lakes of Pontchartrain
Langston takes the wavy air
One in the pot
One ready to go…

Serpentine (A Phoenix Peaks Out)



Pearlsome Cantilever swing bridge creeks
Solid Sluice gates greenly gush
Early midges fuss late shade
Formica chairs distress damp glade

~The Koran was first
Translated into
Plain english in 1649

Bunyan fecundates 1688–1676
Trump and brood slow sipping crude

March becomes October
somehow down the five & dime
Old bones crowd the charnel house

Anyone alight tonight?
Straw dipped in molasses
Sticky insects play snap

Ink on a pen dries so quick
Catch 22 or Charles 1 part three
Rough or smooth- you serve

Men’s semis all day
detached retinues straggle

thinking in purple
thinking in amber
petrol smells wondrous

in summer frocks grey bellied
scudders bear witness
overhead inducing unforced errors

Two upturned treaders imply a divide
snow topped concave like suspension
bridge over a giant causeway of clipped loam
almost lime
almost biscuit
play an extra point
Chalk came up Deuce
Let second service

Ague (amongstyourselves…)


Gotten ye better overnight or just a different sick. Confused poor dab? And the purpose of your visit is…?

No pulse in my left foot. Hot night, Wet pits…34C they say. Angoglastonbury looms . Keep moving on…rolling stones gather . Ball & Heal thyself some say…

Watching America strut. Hearing America rant. Boring the World with jackboot claptrap…Bad for the sole & a sod for Jon the Ethical Codd…

Glasto live on nineteen screens…streaming away on the thin ice of anew…stop bragging Grandad we heard it all before…sentimental ceiling wax…

downhill skid-marks besmirch the green hill faraway without…slippery slope it seems to Banff…legless in Nassau…Roman road sings in Esperanto
Broad went shopping never came back. Hours pass all the big time smashed. Suddenly came a Sunday.

The Cure brought home the bacon…bed maintained by Harley Davidson while beloved Toe bleeds out. Nurses reckon it okay. Computer?

Wimbledon. Lack of staff perhaps the cause…
Pode applied no iodine on Thursday…engineers & healers conga, runt primeval chickens jive& twice busted sliding doors connive, foot seep lightand dark notions engender swoons: Cure plays Wimbledon

Undercover (remixed singles and forest walks) !959 was not was a vintage year for crazy babies; anxious mas to be fear worsties: polio, conscription, teddy boys don’t cry on purpose, wonderdrugs and first strike fall out- bad for onesies equilibrium

Eieioh haze…found lost in space off Neptune obeying Ophelia & Cordelia (shepherdesses) of the quilted Velt till expelled from space junket gatecrashed by junto jabberwock buoyant Brian ‘Coxy’ Moron…
Monday the second of Wombledon passed by nurselessly reading Circe episode (featuring Henry Flower). Tuesday they show. One ulcer healed. The other no worse says Sushi Q…

Tuesdays and Fridays from here on. Thoughts of Huw and Noel inspired a search. He quit the scene in 2003…Riske v Gorillaz (tight one in the making). Loosened lax & limpid lentils loll
The man who went out in the cold to fetch in the coal looked back in rancour from the edge of a has seen has been better days duck egg green state hospital air bed. FJ Jnr called in yesterday looking All Shook Up apprehensive of an impending family food. Moira has died and he a big dizzy and fell from a tree. The burnt out sheer bloody optic nerve of the man who broke the bank at Del Monte Carlo. Trump licks British Ambassador with psychotweet. Frenzied pall of resignation ton follow
Arsewipe rag status allows time for sycophancy to thrive.
Creeps…artist shrugs cold shoulder in gutter west of prorogue
Aim: tTo carve torso from a seasoned tree stump
#1 First retrieve your tree stump from the heaped detritus of half arsed dumping over uneven
holy ground
#2 Place tree trunk on workbench in the workshed
#3 Get tools from elsewhere
# Get chiselling…must just get out & about. Ever increasing circles attainable day to day.
State of the Notion. Cut down the grass, Ass! Whistle while you work them legs inside your toddler’s paean. DJ Okey Witch plays Goffin on the lawn. Dog pisses on shrub gnome. Name forgotten in a shrinking universe.
Mind Out. Try hard to without oxystuff. Relax. Take the ride: paint the tickets. Small Dreams ovum steam iron scorpio people fear. Came too quick to live it. Coffee speedo rushes on. Halt! A dead on grenadier bearing harms. Funny little neon vial. Cork uncorked. Pop. Yellow smoke overlaps vial lip drools wafts. Scent of
Sphincter gas. Sulphic. Rotten Johnnie’s old school pumps. Plimpsole bags. Collapsed lungs
Green for Anger. Old boy trusses pendule saxophone
Parka Coat and Plimpsole Hooks. Duffel Bags and Duffel coats. Duffel: slat eyed lady of the Flems. Drawstring makes it specials. Kein mehr plat dough jour…swing ‘um with wet pumps in; splatters wooly blazers. Fire sheep look aghast afar off atop yon table top of mounting anger. Lid knuckles white with fear of ear clip
For not double underlining. Wooden ruler keeping time and order. Regular as clockface. Shiny shaven sour blank. Twitcheye. Rolls em under lid. See bloodshot whites. Tobacco stained out of a bottle marked ‘Gobstoppers’. Strutters.
Metcalf the name. Deputy Head in times of Absent Head. Skull is better. Some called Skin
Nothing between either of them and heaven. Wisps & Strands. Poor fellahs. Minor gods still
Sting like nettles. Broken canes welt blister. Hurt! Alls well that ends…dead. Somber Hombre. last time i saw Richard was derailed in zero eight. Nein ich luger. Feuerzeug, bitte?
Go flic it your selbs. Beer & Tobacco. Spits. Gruff rustic justice handed out on high. Plough dem fields and scutter…make a crust off of der land. Sir Viv. to be a pillock…robin reliant be a pillhead. Pill.
Under the floorboard hid. Me no want. Make a withdrawal. Guzzled it. Same again? Hair of the dog that bit me Floyd…yessir mistah Toerag. Uggo ick gerraway yardarm over to be so shall bull Years of thereof this much sameness.
Charakter EZPZ. JJ O’JesterKhazi…silly names, carnival gaud ekes all the craic, What of the quieters? When one is with one and none? Murmerings helterskelt and pelt light welter.
Clydoscopic? Shipyards at Night. Spooky Hulls. Lippylaps and gurglings, Ratsplash, crane creaks offset plunging selbstmords, chainrattle and clankety clink. Little chinks. Lady with the Limp lights a gasper. Triggers sensors. Fleets lit up. Majorettes and tumblers coughing up lost gold watches, Moke goes up. Spumily. Seventy six trombonists and counting. Tickertape
Wilkomen took for granted. Paper trail concludes
Fruhstuck in Eritrea slips down a treat. Freewheeling into port where it all began. Gunboats on the water; skiffs flitter in and out bursting with bullets dates maize jalop suspect porky scratchings hemp oil PG Tips. Bought some three in one of a chopsy bell hop hassling me for adverbial phrases.

Curved Hair Do



Watertight alibis spring no leeks sink like stones butter no parsnips
Rainy Day starts up sluggish smooth listen hard to silence golden
struggle to swallow
Penicillin before the capsule melts in bitter toxin
Go eat something quick before singe
Heavy ordnance stems the onslaught
the moon grows big over Medina

Quiet whistlers kicking sticks down windy lanes
Dawn rain sprinkles dust
Brambles break out livid hedgerow
Something small in there is
Moving roused by scented Danger
keens the hungry eye
Probably a rat according to
What The papers say.
Who the hell is Wallace Bronson?
His name’s all over town. I hear them big him up.
I hear them put him down.
Perhaps a craze that came and went.
Grabbed an hour dreamt of warm embraces
By the jolly neck.

An entire dramatic action
complete unto itself plays out.
Saw Wallace later utter
scutter as thickly knitted
people talk
creative ambiguities purr
Bigging up ticklish solutions
tripping on funny money
camped out on sodden cloud cuckoo land
Party party party time–
scuffed up leather
horsehair stuffing
bouncing up and down
Being naughty Back Seat
Sunday of a Morris Oxford
under bent blurred high hedges
low trees rain drips water splash
Watch Out for that Unicorn!
Blue serge suited
chubby mammy’s boy
potholed back roads boast
blackberry ramblers
In see through macks
Gulp cool smell of cowshit
honeysuckle crows claw fat green leaves
water blobs erupt
Polished brogues matching socks
handkerchief sporting little gent
scrams knee fetch dettol dabbing cloth
Bathe it pink stop sobbing dry pats
stingy cotton settle down
beige flesh sticky back topper
Finished as if applause follows
that little performance threw
a fandango cards strewn pell mell
on parquet floor rug ruined when fur flew
Spree of exasp…desper…constern…
Bleargh splat yucca hahahaha…wash hands
swift job done wait in purdah taube.
What awaits two guilty buddhas
Sat glum cross legged on the whipping mat?
Caught fighting over emberscraps.
Easy policeman ticking off
did not goog the nups.
No slipper beatings ever did so.
Petit crims entertain mad whims.
Parrot learners think on it.
Fastest omelette this side of the Quantocks some say .
Side show Slob warm ups for the main event
Cause a stir.
Take the floor.
Do a turn. Make a memory.
Eventful everlasting day. Ends in tears. Where’s he?
Declined the invite. To act like a goat. Not the scene.
Made excuses left by dockland crane.Let off steamer. Burn it up.
Ends in tears. Where else?
Down and dirty in the Dog and Duck
making quavers last all night
oak log fireglow damp socks

Catch an eye nod snarl
grimace smile of visog recog.
Same or similar plight. Stages of alight
Depth charge and fat warhead cure.
Brace yourself for Skegness by the Sea.
Cornish riviera dip.
Dipping crook toesies.
Roll ups. Just like Xenophon. Full of importance when no one is
Taking notes. Ten a penny eyebrows. Pencil in moustachio.
Pocket Dirty Postcard sly crowd
Sneaking peeps as Gertie sort her girdles.
Giant rubber diva gives out full blast.
Empurpled by whelk fever.
Getting sweet on.
Hats flew up.
Up comes Pavarotti. Oily smooth snake charmer.
Bedknob manner writ all over. Sleep the last thing on his.
‘Don’t the wind blow up the passage, Mrs Bulbous!’…
’Away now with yer sauce’… Fun & games. Sigh like
Clifton Webb. Fresh Fish soon goes off. Black Eye.
Cuckoo Waltz to Fin.

Poor Reception



jotter feeder memo notes  patchwork takes on things felt seen touched released
words & phrases caught mid flight enjoying a day in the sun

captivating chosen audience  tucked up in the aviary behind pixellated razorwire not pulling faces or rolling eyes just exasperated by confinement


birdsong at twilight compels Vanilla to make silk moves chance meetings deep veils
sketching out long twilight fade precedes
moonlight ride on cyanide slide
still pale blues linger on…bedside


crispy chocs fatty cheezes
tired laid low prone diseases
wheezes sneezes chilly breezes

hard rain blisters footprint

out of me
i want to be
feeling stuff
i never see

sensational worlds just out of reach come to mind less often something wrong with the calibration…


Fancy Perch

An Arm Chair circa 1801 by Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775-1851


Tunnelling down at rainbow’s end—
gawping at St Finnian’s crock —
pursuing nostalgic martyrdom gig—
repulsive depressive disorder—
put me down: never let me go —
oppress me do oppressor dear

o pressure sore god help us —
unfamiliar faces scroll back
years of wine brown noses —
grant me discouragement now
& at the hour of discourse—
Amen corner bed of stars —
commodores cry out Zoot Alors!

feel the pulse of her indoors —
fell when pulling on her drawers —
broke her head being
an eternal bore
spoonfed persistent nightmare —
swallow the yellow brick road —
wash it down with chainsaws —
something stirs down dingley dell

a sound of tyres screeching —
insecticides in paradise —
quintessential now and then —
improves the yield vindictive seed —
the limpid massive grumbleweed —
clogs up arteries
likes artificial opiums





Violet burst in

Cut glassy silence
Stood unruffled amid broken shards
Oft broken French Window
Kept Locked up:
‘Let’s go catch a movie y’all!’

Insecure as Doris Day
Conflicted worried
Calamity Jane grew pale

Call the glazier, Poppet!
The one who knows the Problems
Of Philosophy
back to front &
inside Out
like Sioux…

Penicillin Road



Penicillin Road leads south cuts runs meanders passes via varicose arteries sharp chicanes echo canyons down scree slope and ragged cataract to the ulcerated sea  to still Toe Head bathed in iodine haze…

Soft Shoe sized actors bridge players winner parties snub snarl & bicker spew muckbill platitudes as gossips monger meagre wares the morning after muse over who faked the best sincere…

Light occurs the back of four when Saul found out today why the lucid coast of Do-ah Land fails muster ―
Effluenza or Afflenza leaves punters spoilt for choice

Smashed & groped about till Windows of opportunity got tallyho thumbs up should Halloween pass without unsavoury incident…(porky pies lose traction in the Showers)

Second declared surely the new first by third party arsonists and kelptomaniacs with sundry agendas set by grotesque wedge

Ethics in AI gets bunk up from fretful plutocrat with more money than sensibilia. Glass and concrete truth dome.

Peasant slaughtered by boy racer monarch in Garter Gig. Town of Richmond mourns behind closed doors

Jettatori (…a hidden fancy)




casters of the evil eye
Watched on in awe
Funstick McCraw perform
household chores
Licking floors
Opening outside doors
Observes three jackdaws
dropping peanuts
Up disused chimney pots
‘I’ll put your head in a box full of frogs ’
Recall the vernal equinox
All you want is hidden there
casters of the evil eye…
Just sigh

St Within cherishes rainy days as ready made excuses
to avoid demanding chores that lurk in the soggy world out there.
Looking out on a rainy day as chill air rolls in
Wide open window admits sound of water
Thud splat on nettle;
rustlings hid under undergrowth; bird tweets and car doors percuss.
Wet days holed up in a Vellum trailer
Cheap drains spewing rain
found thrumming on the cheap tin roof.

Plans jottings quips owt…rain she surges in the west,
Sniffs oil tankers torched in the gulf of Oman
Lar committed to who knows what.
Beers and bed . Terry robbed. Midsummer 2019.
Toerag blues play out.
Regrettably like Sundays

Call Doc & the Medics cavalry is coming
Hit me with a feather Mistah Merryweather
Tickle some hidden fancy

Hoardings (sunshine & showers…)



fences lust for empty vistas
fears proliferate
only land is finite
gravity a bummer
ups and downs a premium
…halt a blissful pause

Machine Gunner raps to a halt
automatic writers run out of ammo
Lamentable delays waste time to kill
Never blame the rain again
All it makes you feel is wet
uncomfortably exposes

fences lust for empty vistas
fears disintegrate
only man is finite
runner beans love summer
climbers come and go
…halt a blissful pause

Sunstruck by Moonshine



Pigs in clover
War is over
Cliffs of Dover

brevity is the soul of what
you are alluding to:

Rusted mackerel tins
erupt tea dreg magma
Something in the water
putting in a sock

Mustn’t grumble altogether
Winding up soft tea time clocks
Hot under starchy cover
Addressing pressing matters

Too Right



June crawls out of bed into being
and washing up on
broken glass and sinew
Contemplates a cup of tea
whilst weighing up
the perils that haunt kettles.
Underfoot crumbs thrive
& polka. Must we
now wince at the crawling stumble
of decay, or faceup to
someones fact you’ve had
your day in the sun
Very like a Mayfly did?

Sunny Day…(Who do i write for? Why…for You)




Went up

—new PopE

Egg Time



Entropy ain’t what it said
In the choking oakum days
The sleazy gabardine mack days
The bad brown paper bag book days
The chesty doris dayglo days
days when we were never young at heart
watching mangy work horses melt

soil broke city streets
stucco frontispiece & smiley culture vulture daub
cannot deny that people called Duck existed then

An oxygen experience is tough to get over.
Personally, I gained all I want in life no worries.
I am perfectly content in mind and body
All the tension slips from my body
lukewarm and utterly comfortable,
as if I were sitting beside a friendly fire,
wrapped in a delicate shiny blanket,
rocking gently back and forth.
Communication is unpleasant and unnecessary.
Under the influence of oxygen,
no companionship is needed.
I accept myself and the world just as we are,
not begrudgingly,
but eagerly,
ecstatically even.

Wet coal tipples blanket bluffs,
Rusted out coal tipples
blanket breezy bluffs
Twisted track curls up
gnarly knotted toes
Industry was here
Once below a time
Called Kilroy & Cadwallader


“…he who abandons goodness
and ceases to be a man cannot
to the status of a god,
and so is transformed into an animal.”
Virginia Woof
(Slippery Towpath Revisited.
Hogwash Press Release 1491)
Mocking our glorious dead at your own peril
–are we so all wrapped up again?
Worse. I fret enmeshed
Speak for yourself Mush
How could it be otherwise Old Toad
Listen to the groaning Sky–
Antebellum rides into town
on Dungbeetle One
round up the unusual suspects
stuff their face with gold


Dimbleby & Hastings
hang the bunting up
on teal houses in the street
How we stood alone that day
watching on
to see how it
went down upstairs–
applause politely ripples

08:57 31/05/2019
greyed over chilly wind passes over jade
— Island Day devotions–
will we kick a fussball round?
Careful peel a pear pensive,
collectively forget
where we was going.
Ate fruit unawares so i did.

Scant improvement dick notes
Gumshoe Strawberries on the turn
Still no sign from the Gooseberry Bash.
Flights of fancy borne well in mind–
must we really turn to dust and gas?

Idle gossippers gather round
to spoonfeed eaglets.

Thurible attention to detail.
Fairly sent me…Up
Still No complaints on that score.
Gloria! Gloria! Gloria!
Wildlife teems abounds cavorts rampages thrives
scowls predates attacks…
observes silk purse sows ear sensation news breaks law:
Luther Vandros he gone ate my Ramparts!
Might just go lie down now upsince four.

Telling Bone (…Familiar)



Called back left a brief message
–they said my call was important to them
but never mentioned why
i am a curious wolf
who came across this yolk
looking for a bite to eat

–why not edible gadgets
bite sized desirous
digestable messages
that leave you wanting more
ust pick a flavour of your choice
from our wide range &
tempted i replied:

‘my favourite is long piglet
pink pork bones chewy soft
& fresh mountain water
to wash away the stench
to the sangune lit
of Summer by Vivaldi
yours faithfully

Now I wait with bated breath
dribbling on the telling bone

wet pulsar



fifty why not make it sixty
sixty lines a day
lines of various
l e n g t h s
–must it be teatime
already my life
telltale toe in plastic skin
F l i e s
flies of various size
age &  foible
cannot resist wet ulcers

Common as Muck



Wealthy benefactors speak
clipped in forked tongues,
tongues foreign to me.
A language better sucked than
swallowed, Henry said,
Prone to nasal one might say.
My lot however belch it out.
Undoubtedly more mucal.
Guffaw, belly laugh, cavernous
— oh my aching sides, we are often
found in stitches, crying.
Tears of paroxysm rolling
down our ruddy cheeks
Wholesome in a way

Quartz Museum Opt Out



After the vulcanised wind has blown
Hell has frozen indigo
Bend like a flamingo bends

Down there by your enchanted face
Will be surprised to find
The opal twin set and furls
Under the pomegranate

Yes! The one you picked last Wednesday
The Quartz Mausoleum
of Semi-Precious Love Stones

burgh beat (if my memory serves me well)


yardbrush swishers beatbrush thwacks yield twiglet slender silver sticks cold outlook strobed tongue groove mouldy bottle green sludge ivy all froe up, garden table soused SLITHERsmooth in ghostSLICK slugslime, SO sad neglected sun logo chair looks unfit for purpose, drizzle SWEEPS over sedge stiff reed , ornamental gusts of whippy arctic sea gales dwindle grizzled peter out, sppn to blow in cheesey goose step masquerade as otiose ducks stand in line on chipped postwar plenty china refurb mantels, hollow winter darkness looms in spring, you always kid yourself round now, but it will soon be passing, yes it will, give has been taken to leave, or merely overlooked by circumspect tree fellers from the weald…

After it was over better—clutching one win under the belt, Miles Davis makes a silent din interspersed with radion soft tocks, geiger counters synchronised clocks and watch keenfor cloudburst—phial of fugues splashes khaki homespun doublet, scutching wheat from plenty chaff— worralorra chaff—pround once a former waf, got a leg up from wan myrtle turtle artichoke to the rank of wag. And never looked back from there it seems from this point of phew…wahplus

Something about this computer—me
Working on some dead sea scrolls: fruitless work for screw loose souls
Gave it up for tobacco road, sacrificed it for a well stocked ashtray and threadbare coptic rug
Was it worth what?
Why how could it not be so-so?

Curious City



gruvetWall to wall sun brings out we
jobbing builders from our thermal lairs
Found Little Nell well stuffed
after sausage & small beer jugs
knows how to cheat at cribbage mind
The colour of water perturbs us, as for the shapes!
Sublime purple candyfloss sickly sweat
spilt acrid boiling fat, overheated drain smoke, egg & tomato flytraps
four giant fallen women cackle when the towel drops
oily petrels stumble aimless slippery over ostrich stones
bent forward crouched like hunched watchmakers
here we are all beached till Uncle John
picks us up at teatime and we can all go toilet safely
scrutinising pebble gnat
who sea sky truly bluely




Let me out
a room in the house of the dead
read promising reports of Siberia from Fyodor.
Irony escapes me when her blood is up.
Two fratricides and a horse theft cracked it.
Ten years eating flowers
regardless of good behaviours.
Social leprosy
is indeed a chronic state.
beady eyed ant eater sits up aloof, contented
nothing left to say except:
‘Happiness writes white; ergo,’…

I Sir Sago


Heavy duty gossamer sported shadow of a funman stumbling naked purblind golan dawn lost in cudgel citadels of Mynah where olive buds make counterpane relief crisp brittle dew on broken open ground encourage trudge tender back to trundle see near distant orange turns out pink up close up green ambiance impacts emotion well thumb read all about it in the palm of your paps soil fingers scrunched, grappling with concievables beyond incomprehension as in a one worder: baffled by gum listen up harkful as continuosity compels the feline sip unpuncted blandswill trial semolina crispen fresh white walking stick in drenched waterbath a must after outswilled pink conducive gobwash when inner voice say :’Spuchen Sie Sweinfleisch, Bitte?’ nod smiley blank surplus inner giggles giveaway twinkle eyes we no LOL no sir we gone Way beyond evil good third egress elect you bet bottom dollar constituencies of one called me myself and i sir sago. 


jaw jut

…in the city we are a stone’s throw from San Francisco and care not for the consequences we are devil may care trusting our personal belongings to strange looks waiting for the call to take our last chance at paradise


Ain’t no Burn in Hell



Hooker’n’Heat at the Toady Prom
Feeling has gone memory stays on
Rampant maple leaves appear
like marigolds in moonscapes
rising through the morning mist
when i pull the cerise drapes
and play the damn fool blues
drinking in the morning news
Two fingers below omphalos
like the past a foreign country
in myrtle overgrown persists
Served my time in solitary
let that boy boogie woogie

Banged Up Blues



Tippett grumbles tweely
wormwood scrubs
confined to barracks
shakebog blitzed crude argot wine
floorsuck sonic toe wipe shine
invasion swots up Apenine
blue wasps stumble coarse scree
try too too hard to please yourselves
please no-no-no-no one
capricious Amy said with zest
war begets a war in jest

The Wait




Cold sat out
Came back in
Still no wiser
Path well swept
Saviour friendly

Almond Bread



When teeming starlings

And tinned sardines turn as one:

curve, swoop, whorl, climb, volte face,

swimming wind and tide,

predator and grub driven,

fear and hunger breed

insecurity in numbers

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1082051114yellow butterfly spotted
round midday
while at this table
out the corner of my eye
hung around
a flittish jiffy
lime yellow
now i think of it
over by the back window

Equality of Light



such (like what?):                                                                                                                                                                     Canaries squawk–no rest for them                                                                                       wicked keep on rolling thought                                                                                                           Ole Man Ripper he just keeps strolling along.                                                                                 Faith.Yellow light fog ( seamanship unsure?)

Hornblower amid ships squints                                                                                                                                 tall trees concluding                                                                                                                                                                         even toffs must open up                                                      windows fusty (droops the feathers, Capitano?)                                                                                                     A Gustless fug shivers my timbre                                                                                                       Cheese & Pickle bagatelle                                                                                                                                                               (relabelled past sell buy?)                                                    ingested in haste mad reasoning

sometimes draws strangled conclusions                                                                                                                                                           (Aargh)









Entropy it ain’t
What it was in oakum picking days
gray gabardine mack brigade days
ban good bad book days
dour doris day days
we were never young at heart days
four wild horses dragged us nowhere days                                                                              they do not serve who also stand and wait days

Cold Waugh Hero




gilbert pinfolds atlantic passage to dystopia
wherein the voyage out reveals
irksome narrators foibles,
craven preoccupations,
a hot chili chicken lover
struck dumb by loop news
finds a mojo groove
warped up in diss nonsense
eat your soul for breakfast roll

into the wild blue stumbles vintage hurricane
misfiring engine heads for london town
flypast for the old queen
who managed a movement today
may not manage tomorrow
mot preparations all but done

pulled the blinds and switched off
gorgeous springtime afternoon
light fantastic air

Out through the Inn Door



leaving europa today, anchors away,
england casts off from the maine
airing fresh washed wound,
pepping up itself with pillage,
count your blessings bumbling one,
get out in the sensual sun,
live a lottle, throttle payment
when its overdue, polite withdraw at
your leisure centre…

deadlines splutter past like merlins
vernal fire and city pigeons blown off course
bewildered silos rummage
black crows sidle up bare oak boughs
sprites dash past behind and above
lacerate elastic space
one shot deadeye eyes up the killer
through the hedgerow kindling
insisting open wounds heal
at will in twinkling crystals

silver, gold, sapphire diamonds dissemble
coyly wink back from wet green glades
knotweed cushions footfall quash
springs back slowly to attention
jewels in the sun pellurid
Vidor indoors on the box
all star cast of duds & idols
famous for refusing seconds
big old rotten tomato
featuring Lilian Gish
in the costume of a quiche

pontefract cake



Yesterday’s salad defrosts on the southfacing sidewalk,
four day old stilton cheesecake, half baked tatty cadaver guava gut, fried lightly in oil,
done to a turn, one of the fried eggs got off less lightly, slightly burnt underneath.

If you’re drifting on an empty ocean get jumpy…
Chucking stuff all over the place, scatterbrained
Against all odds Balach Lava Banana pulls one off’
–a coup d’etat, ca va!

Viva Chapati!
On themselves they brought it, plague
espedrilled chameleons
Raven haired chimeraphiles
Slumming it on the Mile End Rd
Vague as aesthetics
‘Do you knit your own flatbread, Senora?’
‘Are you havin a laugh, Duck?’
Her hair was made of liquorice
Topped off with a Pontefract Cake

licking stones



bleak mid lent
all hope spent
ice blue
krill’s eye view
downstairs loo
stuck eschewing superglue




empty document
left idling on an open file
what was in that mind

Horse Attitudes

via Horse Attitudes

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