Dippers dip in close up
brisk wary purposeful splash
slowmo sub-aqua sunbirds
Succinctly snatch eggs under
primeval lamprey’s maul
catch sun star spangled eucalptus sways
violent white amid fresh tea plantations
Raj refuseniks broody dye off mingle
Angelus curfew lights up pipes
take syncopated swing time sips
gin slings stroll punk fanned pergola—
moving parts swarm shanty town below
top cat glances overlook disdainful
deep exhale at Main street devils
wretched beats in Green street hovels
half-baked puerile malcontents
Bar Blue Parrot noises swell



Chance Encounter

Grave Achilles sat
blissfully darning bed socks for victims of his mood swings—
a timely encounter downunder thus helped them
forge great shapes of things
shrewd Ulysses’ war eyes looked perplexed·
on seeing this Achilles carped the diem & told this glum mucker that life beats death hands
down no worries huh

Tummy warming stuff
on this wet day in Maida Vale inside a humming bird
whalebone bisque before aboriginal public—
noble stuff indeedy poohs·
however mud sticks regardless take the point
on board & suck on it extract epic sangine juices lick lips breathe a deep sigh without
ever knowing it

What came next was pain
inexplicable—how many times can you leave home
without your keys till they finally write you off?
Too many cheeseburgers
(one a day for eleven years) takes its toll
of a demi-god let alone the rest even though they have a voice best ignore it all now
thanks for dropping by



under came trouble
mumbling vexed profanities
elephantine hump
straightened crinkled vanity
missing summer sanity
all the flowers well kaputt
trampled under thunder foot
buried under winter
will this mad wind dissipate
make up its changeling mind?



Heft gift horse
Closer to big mouth organ
search chasm vowel trove
snag big cavities
gravelly amoral zones
found sound waves grooming baritones
vagrants flea from home to homes
furrowed growlers size us up and down
fibrillate afore ye go-go-gone
whysper do-be-do-be-done
flies walk over eyeballs
deaf stiff horse

Stomachs march on Armies



Start at end of yarn
Unpluck twiddle cut
Up in seven pieces
Deconstruct the sponge
Reassemble conundrum·
Crass instruction pamphlet
Holes as big as parts
Impossible after breakfast
Full on human traffic jam

Tin Island


 I am halfway back
 lucky too 
                   in the saddle 

altogether again today, 
b art end 
er O'Blivia Ted, 
in r a t so 
fink s o 
m o o d; so, 
it is (there for sow...
the ) best 
if I lock up 
            myself away 
               and get 
on with 
            w hat ever it is 
t ha t it s to get sem e l e...

dragon flowers morph 
once again in St John's Wood
sanguine infirmary yard
blue sin terminus
solicits us desist
from obscure rant schism


The Drawbacks of Disbelief

Cake eaters rattled crumble
Hunched up over precarious lattes
down inside voodoo child grumbles
—austerity charity caught fondling figures
violent phones rest in peace on unstable cradles
beckoning a reckoning—
faith & hope look on
kicked deep into the long grass

Marrow Cosh

The Avocado

After group send off  encounter 
fox foxtrotted through 
plush purpley neathy foothills 
of the 
Atlas wormcasts
and made 
Marrow Cosh 
in two shakes of lamb's tail,
a very short time indeed  
hypnotic jasmine soused the Punic air...

we paused 
before taking what became 
a final knotty rise. 
Beyond lay 
defiant and debauched 
in the shimmering cinnamon vale, 
this time minus bagpipes

Blumenthal gritted 
a precious metal jaw 
with a drizzle of loose chippings 
and led the way down 
in a subtle mentholated conga

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of humanity

affect me


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Come Hilarus

henry flower


scatter lucky beryl cellophane gaily around cutlass island go make marina pretty pristine regatta according to will and epilogue eleven years we lived harmonious-like then whoosh sister big wind Marcia blew up some tempest like see you never did

so it seems dangling over  parchment stone bones & ashes once impudent amusements were delicately nurtured doctrines by glum Python beyond farewell all hope of fortune for I was not. I was. I was not. I don’t care now leave traveller’s checks cheat others as you did yourselves

so you see these days not even toddlers except those young enough to get free baths value spirits underground valleys and rivers or our mate Sharon’s face full of black frogs or tall tales of hundreds of dead souls on one boat

rest assured ills end when you snuff it no dark underworld tosh no judgement seats all baloney borne by hairbrain herms…

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In draws night


dada cover art

Blood sun sets radish

Lurid twilight underworld

Soft Saharan soot

Seville’s soft underbelly

exposes violent fruit

Plaintive chants roam earth

Echoing cruel reveries

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Pound Shop



Jimson plant querent

conceals Messerschmitt mindset

contorted looking glass…

of late promenading a huge

chunk of cool daytime

Quasimodo sitting room

seeks  quiet fulfillment.

A washing machine foxtrots

churns clogs, dog fetches doormats.

The time is three twenty three.

World turned back to front.

top shelves are empty places –

Must go plunder

Pound Shop tundra

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Friday Night & Saturday Morning



Three-fifteen corrupts

Hilda Swinton & Max Keiser waited up for me,

keeping me company in

the wee small hours listening

to the World Service

Friday night morphing into Saturday morning,

thinking about sunshine and summer gardens.

The bed is clean & warm.

The days are getting longer.


Seven-thirty erupts

In Graphine Enlightenment

Click! Wow!

Blimey O’Reilly

Blinded by nanoscience,

muscular cuddles bunch up,

shoulders forearms & neck

nape, sides, and chicken thighs

Graphine will fix it

Save on smoking beagles too

What chance of carbon dating

Superficial arrangement

Same as usual

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plague jar

Morphine notches up another brother,

Another sister, father, mother as I sleep

The sleep of the dead

They still feel pain

All we feel is betrayal and loss

sad small children

Eating messy candyfloss

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The Pushchair



By candle.

Mind’s eye flix…instead I stalk

awkward, push his wheelchair, crossing,


tricornering, crossing back,

leant on bedstead,

with free limb, revolve said chair, repeat.



Sit and sweat and look

and realize why he smells off.

The do it again.

And again. Again.

Waiting for…forgot.

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Flighty Aphrodite



Letters found under a Sea Shell,
perhaps — cockle, hermit, conch,
periwinkle…lists of ships nefarious
Whose that over reacting  there?
Iffy light bulbs wax & wane
Mistook Ajax for Johnson’s Baby
No bloody wonder is it?
Are we not merely the Star’s Tennis Balls?
No we are the playthings of the Gods
All ends up at the heel of the hunt
Yes, suppose it does
How we tittered!





Just keep bobbing up and bobbing down
Watch sardonic heads barking braying constant
hanging over crowded parapets orchestra below jumpy
chuckles brassy rubber necking knowing how it always ends ie:
hit the deck and spill the beans that run out feely
heralds send forth some seventh cavalry or other yokes
cut off at the pass up some otiose defile
laters Daulis is full of knuckleheads
spoiling for a knees up decided time to do
my turn & quit wrestling lions naked bringing down
posh funhouse in Naples at the very thought snapped out
a very whimsical rice paper boatman shrank rippled vague
sun up vanished leaving dead slow women & children & you
burst out laughing for no apparent reason: the very idea
of pulchritude we regret over red mullet…




Pomes is


Vacuum packed starshells

Beside the brassica

Liquid cheese fajitas

Above the pistachios

Something for the weekend

The Poet

A mere commode…

So go to

work on a leg,


better still,



the crumbliest,



in the world

it does what

it says

on the tin:




Go on,

Try it!

Yes, you can

If you like


& Tina

Tuna Chunks

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Fantasy Fare for Fatso…



Prized frazzled bacon
Eighty per cent carbonized
Off wrecked baking tray
Tabasco sausage pitta pouched
Fractal endive rainforest
Two toddler sized tomatoes
Windfall scallions
Slithered thinly scattered
In your dreams Fatso

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Back at Sea



Primrose promised me

evasion and avoidance

Get down to brass tax

after easter jamborees

lazy  anniversaries


Father, son, and down the face

Pigsty disgrace ful

wish it away with fresh air

citrus freshener


That’s a bit better

focus on and gather up what was

and is to be done,

bundle them all up,

watch them fall into

ephemeral dystopias


gothic slab caked alabaster

slip slop slap on thick as pitch

regard the sporting complex

perusing motley queue of:

whats, whens, and how to do’s


put your best foot forward,

promptly fall face flat

relapsed catholic tastes stale

yellow river reds

run under beds of roses

beneath your contempt

bedding clothes smell suspect


Open up your eyes!

Use the can opener in

your plague ship head box

shore leave is over

set a course and go…

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Suspect Footwear


A view of the intersection at 5th Avenue and 42nd Street

You only need to

watch what

you’re doing

when you

risk the








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Jizzen HareSide POv



Film Blanc tuRns (to): PleA
A viBrant sToneF-aced
Wilderness caressSes leggy foalSprog;

Sum Fool fuLfilling deepfelT want  ofF:

orange civil henna-hairshirts
instead (ja) such Bad unLuck—

Wilde blows harshE gorse—-Bumps FrResh up iLL  ashtrays                                                                                         & slashes brush stroke twiggy broom
WhereasHeather nested sun                                                                                                                              cussed tartan Ptarmigan eGG…:

giVes A handoutta bUrp-brrp-urpp: intermittent:

briTTle foot crunch (two steps back one too…)
Nacrid, quicklime breezes urgE
rhapSodes  Two Fish snap shIps

An urbanE Blandscape noW.
Hmmm…Margrave-Strump Underwriter
To thy StArs
See hER(e) now at it

hArd to Pleeeeaze
Going at it hard
like a  lyCra Frog go At it
Up a PumpKin

Nothing %  interest
whom bell truth be

OUTside (cairn-Gormley)

Only thornY amethyst

thisTle down blown disbursed beI Mistah Woof



Achtung! Bad Language




Few bards & flunkies did once
tell of an old frying pan worked for London transport
till european mind held up his stagecoach…
We drove as if we had a puncture;
Dad trying not to blink, that man’s eyes
stuck in my head, which is where the story clunks ,
and any attempt to energize this fable
with something aromatic whiff of the nature
of articulacy and inheritance,
since he can well eulogize his own
excuses, you your own accommodation.
As it stands now if you still insist on resonance –
I’d swing for him, and every other cunt
happy to let my Django know his station,
which probably includes yourself. To be blunt.

Hate Book Saturnalia




Ye Gods indigent wriggly worms sport forkpronged unterhosen arc crimson bloodspurt dotty cardboad boxers pulsar expectant warbles bogus whiplash insult in injury small claims courtship

Under earth dark shock overzealous anger shall not fall upon unavenged eejit mortal take these hinter insurrection & evening bread of heaven feed me evermore again like

Third degree Burn’s nightingale okays denouement kulterkampf midway through unsaid sentence befitting crimes against womanity diddling gymnastic ingenuous waitresses

Garden pots or garden knots melt make facts the origin of the specious  creation myth of twelve step dancing kodak bears trance dancing anguished hits from Springsteen for a slow buckshee

With preparations for the Hate Books Festival well in hand Groundswell, Harry Boy, and Lyssa Mandrake-Wart, flop back in psilocibin Chesterfields and hummed Annie’s Song amongst others

Pale wrists ablaze (Mt Oeta)

Farmer Jones


Fauve rescued bird box disentangled green clinging ivy struts wither altogether minor repairs or root and branch overhaul forensic will reveal all in fulsomeness come springbotch
Crotchety vintage coal fired dishwasher starts up after five long weeks marigolds restored to health found tucked up stock pigeon loft harms length miles away by land & seal
Ophelia seethes broiling sputum seas concealing plans for postmen vitriol when cock ups found cringing wistful faux suppliants evidence parlous crumb workshy de Sade
Gods indigent wriggly worms sport forkpronged unterhosen arc crimson bloodspurt dotty cardboad boxers pulsar expectant warbles bogus whiplash insult in injury small claims courtship
Under earth dark shock overzealous anger shall not fall upon unavenged eejit mortal take these hinter insurrection & evening bread of heaven feed me evermore again like

The Show Must Go Up




Purple cataracts

unleash cascading torrents

ideas in flood

come engulf magic moments

barmy tsunamis

overwhelm porous

herbaceous borders

consumptive easter bunnies

obliterated cobwebs

open microphones freeform

festival bonfire of profanities

foreswear allegiance to fuck all

available on offer

down the supermarket

not worth lifting but for…


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Teddy Boy Shuffle

seems highly likely now
rocknroll left here today—drumbeats snarled kick ass
tattoos crepe soul yobbos dripping creosote knuckle
dust ricket riddled paradiddles—
what once scuffed up blue suede shoes never-nevered out of hock
is now found scratching on woodchip papyrus·
greasy kid’s stuff moistly streams out thick & fast as plasma ·
Pasiphae raped by white bull · don’t pull my leg?
Make the same happen to you— send lettuce to America
Squeezed at the border
Cool fliptop brassica cops
Dripping wet grinning all over
feign costive, furtive sly decoy
meantime observe crescent moon
Setting sail for Albion
Alert berserkers clear the streets
Cuff brothel creepers grooming duck’s arses




Over there observe

Fey wiry Mary Hartley

Confined to an upstairs bed

In a seaside bungalow

Waiting on a feted

Blue reunion

Summery justice

Life without dissipation

Sober as a smudge

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There we are.


Full four waking hours

nothing written again.


I’ve done a bit around the house and person:

read some news,

thought a lot,

disowned a BMW,



no words yet.

Scarified a singing cake?

No, me not neither.

The Runner beans flower lurid,

linctus thick,

sickening dayglow orange.

The Lemon leaved shrub tree fast asleep.

Eat – 08:49.

Postponed (onset catatonia)

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Phaedra mulls one over




…imagined voices fail me
reaching out fingertips
feint falters fresh breath ceases
frosting sugar window pane—
but will it not hurt coy purity
long preserved immersed in strange pastimes
dressed up in white flowers curled up in a maze
suntanned cheeks stained modest saline?
Turn deaf ears
Dark at night prayers plead
cowardice makes mere conscience swagger
wild beasts track scented letters
those screaming cronies of crazed Bacchus,
brash lively nags rear ended up the Apple Cart
hear them now all fallen whelping
biodegraded in cardboard hoppers
yes clasp you knees up tight as divers
forced to take the plunge into the myrtle pool…

Woes sharpen wits end

moon & venus


Erato chipped potatoes
limbs cast off runaway fears
novel wok craftsman conjured up
mellow low-browed rosehill perched
above flood plain look kindly on lightships

Berryman is Arisen!





Rage on paper recorded or eavesdropped by a nearby exit thrill safely from a safe distance of danger distance from the real event·
mind you laughing companionably at some bellicose ape expelling guff in you dial often ends in fun & games if they have not
entirely lost their fucking sense of humour like that fetch in the habitat mirror now adorning the chimney breast in a burnt out basement
above the jet black hearth where soon jackdaws drop dead fledglings. How Henry loved the thought of Spring, his first without uranium
winter storm No-Name leaves clues to spring agendas, tea leaves and green papers for discussion over steaming cups of venomous intent
& do not just stop there·
Consider this….whatismore?

Fish (poached or flying?)



Trust Terence Scoggins, so read the legend— the waiter who could not stop waiting at tables from dawn til dusk only grabbing an hour or two on the camp bed by the galley, one ear open for the bell, the other for the sewer rats, a third for the tinnitis for what seemed like an eternity of circumstance and time
Yoyos was never the same without him twice found monthly never so busy at it folding fresh linen, serenely polishing steel and glass dinner gear, buffing up pseudo rosewood inlays in chnaced upon bric-a-brac curios, embrocating bare club foot chair legs and tucking neatly them under bold brassy banquet benches.
Perish any teensy-weensy black spot or smirchful fleck he came across on his meticulous trawl. Iin his pomp every morsel as pristine as the chandeliers best twinkle. This was no coincidence to some who pooh-poohed it as mere scientific hindsight melted in mumbo jumbo, the story of the chandelier twinkles to them was apocryphal but Terence Scoggin’s seemed open when repeatedly asked
‘I’m not at all sure it was that,’ he would say after a moment’s thought to see if his mind had changed this time, ’it always changes with in that small white light’. And this sincere, prolonged consideration usually put an end to the matter. Mind you it was a lengthy silence. Apart that is from the day of the grand opening after the wholesale refurbishment. He knew that the light was still burning in the fridge after he shut the door. That imps had let cats out of bags. That the hunters had been despatched post hastily.
Talk of hiccups and teething problems spread like wildfire. Water was secretly rationed by verbal decree. It was not looking good. Not as good as made out by some who chose to speak their minds for others. They always let bygones be bygones, invoking a mantra— who’ll be talking about it in a hundred years anyway. So it’s funny that we are where we are, is it not?




Russian guy stabbed dead

When he said

That prose had


Over poetry

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Angelus tinkles

watery ivory echo

dove limps

l o w

over paddy fields


Coolies  fuss duck

cussers murmur

mud suck squelch slop pop


c r o w

l a u gh t e r


Whiffy noodle soup

spoon sniff  juice



p o a c h ed

c  o c  k-a-l e e k i e

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Offspring Hatstand



What will Monday bring?
Screaming abdabs in my pants


Tinkerbell was furious
Cursed her lucky star & turned over to seethe
‘We are sorry to hear
of your miserable existence
and insist you contact a higher authority—
Yours Faithfully, Walt’

Talk to Mickey Mouse himself,
Up close and personal
There might be something doing
Perhaps a letter, a formal request
To talk it over, chew the cud
About the good old days

Before animation came to a sticky one
Stole away our childhood anarchy
privatised collective conchshellnes
Personified Vietnam a glitch
Seen Through GI Gilmore’s peepers
In the Jungle Book of Life

Apocalypse Now & again builds zilch!
Was justice a matter of time
After masque pastiche, rehash
Hanging out dirty washing
Computer generated egos
Optical soma catatonics


bLack Monday sods all
comers peering through the murk
waiting ante post—
traumatic stress disorder decides
on own chosen course
indigence proceeds apace
regular beatings infrequent due to staff deficiencies·
still there’s always clear and present danger to fall back on
when all else has failed·
industrial action once promised never threatens





Mutual micturition
& Adrian Mitchell on the wireless
Let’s let bygones be bygones
Bury the haggis
After all is said and done
It’s just water under the fridge
Were you just taking the piss
When you asked me why
the box of frogs I promised
was not for keeps just swops?
Mutually unsure destruction
Is not what it’s cracked up to be

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Jump the Broom



The Phoney War on Slapstick Ends…
Times like this began with General Approval in deep hotchpotch jaw-jaw back of Nico’s bar and grill traducing clam-baked mongrel hoc polloi
‘Better late than never’, sighed swan necked Frieda Sluggish flicking though a growing stack of IOU’s and billet doux. Silhouetted against the bleak midwinter skyline it all appeared quite plausible to steady bogus Chad, whose tab fetish was the talk of the mobsters.
‘Flower sales sank to an all-time low—O’Bannion’s gotta magpie coming his way if things do not pick up by Valentine’s’, said Dom in matching ball gown and crozier.
Hosiery was ever a cut-throat trade; less a game of football and more a matter of life and debt. Smart plague dogs knew that much as they did their rounds of the loose limbed irons that littered the sidewalks of Prague
‘This place reeks of optimism—check out the Assassin’s Diary for March & see if they’re fully booked for The Ides’, said Bonzo to Gnasher, who never questioned hors d’oeuvre or any spare morsel going
Simultaneously elsewhere times were changing too. Perhaps Slow-Slow-Quick-Quick-Slow was the way of it after all…
If evidence were necessary the characters froze halfway through what they were doing next and the room filled with a vatic silence, which you must find uneery. Indeed the rumpus next door in the greenhouse made it all but impossible to focus at all. Our friends remained unmoved showing no a flicker of awareness.
Time it seemed was indeed up. Keys echoed in the corridor. They had a life of their own as well.

Daphne legs it Sharpo




Hush sshwept clean fresh brush aside  cum summit stalks— made history well history; how phew light years tearswell  up as nowcently· crookery nook handshook up a well bent gee gnome

Lamasery shrub gourds fetch mad tricorn branchlines con left blue eye, sprink cosmetico silver outliner pindrip, touch jet black jack skellington taboo; soul rescued rondo fallen tree gnome

Pong from gnome splat leafy tartarus; greebo grunt hoed slug path smudge clingy soddoss ape yuck; tory uppy calendula snakesteam gorgons seep pale lightless green as kidsnot  jest plane gnome

herding east on sum yums shunset; big black birdiess sweep up behind the trapeze awe soma kinda flushdump rafter gardenspoiler done up; enacted  twilight morning cum torpor gnome

twixt vexed cringes syringes and plasma money jabs pimple oohs and ah-ahsoles. Dreamboaterer droopy wily doldrum torp grooms up day wit awe struck long lost cod almighty gnome

Po—u—idyll— tong-—yinnies!




As constellated

Jason and the Argonauts

pay their usual


Xmas visit.

The dog will not drop the stick.

Perhaps upstairs

is the best

Place for me just now.

Either that or a

cross country run in slippers

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Circles: Early Doors






you move in

move in you

move in me

Can you

see your circles

move in me?


nor can


We are



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fecund isotope



Dawn skyline silhouette
Centrefold cardboard pop up
charcoal rooftops part
Exposing awesome schism
Giant rocket gone to seed
Oversees gurt grey divide
Totem hides taboo
Purple sprouting broccoli
Also springs to mind
Thing and winnowy
Long bolemic pins
Dangle down half-heartedly
Look stronger than this close up

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donned wrong slippers two lefts no right (man cannot compete with the gods) shines not the light of openness, hark the herald angels sigh

open the box of trad vibrations lost the lid in the mad rush, the crush of expectation, paradigms hide agendas under pretty paper

tribal elders sip cold beers and reminisce about the circumstances that nurtured the hair brained to utter in the first place

continue reverse shift key from bad to sad greeks bearing gifts of twinkly stars every time we said good bye until the last

perversely mixed with liguini fritters & hidden malice the garotting takes on a new light glory to the new born thing

Holly & Ivy



Took some zippo

liquidated sound seven:

abstracted coffee

come eight.

Walked allover his

wild side

utilitarian fine tooth

soma left: no burn unsalted.

declined shattered sunflower

She said

Holly’s late

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A View from the Fridge



Watch the ersatz light

Reflecting starboard

Honour bound to succour

Day becoming night

Faff with naff gadgets

Eschewing tuna mayo

Dreaming high seas calabrese

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Farmer Jones


Charming orange runes

Amaryllis niceties

Bent over backwards

To please the undeserving

Chasing shadows constantly

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Pound Shop


Jimson plant querent

conceals Messerschmitt mindset

contorted looking glass…

of late promenading a huge

chunk of cool daytime

Quasimodo sitting room

seeks  quiet fulfillment.

A washing machine foxtrots

churns clogs, dog fetches doormats.

The time is three twenty three.

World turned back to front.

top shelves are empty places –

Must go plunder

Pound Shop tundra

White Rasta



Dog dug dinna

Ickle bit thinna

Sickle cell skinna


Rich got fatta

You don’t matta

pitta pitta patta


Carry on screamin

Dreamin got schemin

stuck pig squealin


In draws night

dada cover art



Blood sun sets radish

Lurid twilight underworld

Soft Saharan soot

Seville’s soft underbelly

exposes violent fruit

Plaintive chants roam earth

Echoing cruel reveries


When I left my trousers

In your heart of hearts

I never expected

Knees as sharp as these


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