A Dude Awakening

by grimbeau

...you are not writing
thus you are not a writer
i am not writing
thus i am not a writer
-better quickly jot that down
quick over there  
that paper scrap with spuds
eggs, toilet rolls, dog food,crisps
some forgotten shopping list
or postmodern masterpiece
what a bloody mess better
get out the Hoover later
there's nothing on the other side
where's the pen? there, a pen, blue 
dried up biro, it might just
work today. Increasingly 
violent circles- watch it,
you'll rip it: A pencil!
there behind the box of menthol vapes
behind the burning candle
careful, slowly does it
that's how accidents occur
i really must go 
to the loo. the dog wants
to go out i can let him out
and go downstairs, listen 
to the early morning news
Shit! the clocks went back
it's bloody Alan Bennett
fetching in the milk
i am not a writer
i am not writing
you are not a writer
you are not writing