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Perm-interrupt of daydin,

blight noise,

like thistledown,

calls me down for

an absinthe


an anchovy.

Stubborn as

stillborn longhorn,

I wrastle with my conch shell

and succumb

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The fault lies on the outside,

so confessed Aaron

the BT flight controller,

pledging a hearty lineman

first thing tomorrow.

Gangs of New York patrol the afternoon.

Julian arrives with new gadget: the man who came in from the war was Moldovan.

Aaron was a practising moron.

Sell by date sarnies announced as food.

No morph and three fizzers.

Bereft of yarns.

No call to quack.


French polish windows thrum,
Pathetique ripples tickle
sweetening even air,
far off a yelp, a rustle of
rushing crinoline,
a dalliance commences,
to conclude by glow worm light come dusk,
entangled in briar on damp mosses
under elephant sized zucchini.

Alternatively, welsh rarebit
on toasted brioche
with chives and wildebeest,
served with lashings of green tea and
Pontefract binlids, while
galoshing through seas of watercress
and camphorated hankies.


times is hard
the going rough
the foodbanks shut
gloomy stuff



    Good da yas pfooks and unto all a’spondee spill a olive dunny start, cast toothy thee mund uber matter, malaplop diffuses tortion! Wee won proclaimed Smiles trumply brandyshining his haughty handsaw shimmer! 

Smirch all conniving Mudsharks— puer maulis mangle modal middy ear ordure— tree crust oceans pollen sift, grasspolipped by fung fear not, interpoltroon maltrusions needsmust oversmarm; grace hand flavour tickles spuriels, gurt guff bangs gong and numinous ballshouts trest as same. 

All perforce art preformed under gull griy skidoonerama. 

Yassums, tis Fastitime. 

Bon-bonny Joon.

Kween’s Chubb & knees up bounds off spacious antic. Gorbles err. Louse peers and tobbuccogrists trowl furtive in the fallow hill; some moon, underwhizzed yet moistly compliars, say it: 

‘Dolly goog knock, door favor, Meer Lady.’

Gnug awe dat…whirrwadi wodwo be pizzled, and sundry scree grunks larfed on lurking opulently ajar.

After rains wept buckets   black again behind me sat   depolarising dis n dat  ten miffed capricious alley gnats… ywn: ice

bleary, so too bad. 

Dunkel. Eiderdowned. Bis morrow!

Whyless murmuration, tunnytoes, starch gruffled, shoefell a silent sniffle, silver fishermen, rod danglers set out trawl. 

Doze in beryl satiny— deepbreathsandwheezes: bleepsoft. 


Tea roses tint dew drops glint
wuthered sandstone,
the hand carved city of stone
lonesome gremlins

A stone cat
hewn behind an air vent purrs:
lured on by pareidolia
faded mirage on a solar phone

Scent fumes escape a golden august feast barn
marooned in nut sedge slate
overlooking the well hung
gardenias of Armageddon

Watch transixed as black air spews
out of a cave
Once a

furred slinky gal
in a topaz farthingale sheltered
Happy as steam Radio
reclines humming a refrain
arrogated by those she shunned


Susurrous rumblings
precursors of tumult
Saturday morning berserkers
‘A parcel for you, Suh!’
A Postie declares.
Kashchey the Deathless
Makes merry downstairs
Varnishing rococo baubles
Warm winsome dead soul

Little Omega

No milk

to cry over:

traffic and bollard,

pothole and hedgehog,

flood and folly. All delay delivery.

Try your best without.

Think Wartime,

make and mend,

a stitch in time,

careless talk

costs lives


look out! night just fell
you near on overlooked it
lost in an e-book–lucky
i showed up
the air was sharp
that keen time of year ducky
like it was when we met before
in this deserted trossach where
thought and feeling dance
their cockeyed sabbath


Adorned by
voices motley
upon the streaming air
exhaled by Ogma Sun face
plain as a brass pike staff in yer face
see the boss aint got no dainty threads on
bare arsed as a new born twerp shouting orders
to court assasins in boreal greek and latticed latin
burbling on in unknown tongues lip dancing codeine potions
compelling inebriate states to poach small town chickenshacks

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