Shipping: Lost



Sienna..Brnt Tst—–Tsssk. Frazzed rash errs (fatsplash zaps knuckle)- Jeez-ohh!
. White..Cotton wooly lambkin gambols emerald glade sprinkles stream scrambles eggs
. No. Suprise denial disbelief resists refutes affirms clears up clears off all clear incensed
. The. Case in point particular article ; umbra pen multi-caliphed rumination on desired ob
. Cyan. Sweet ide coreoles swishful sinking moonsun simples soggy mangrove shadow
. Under. Upover unside inside outer hindered footnote closer thunder hoof mock current
. Joke. Given circum stands askew confounds bet yous witha twisted turn twists tongue mind
. Order. Ouch command concur obey or else comeuppance peace tames war vigil strife watch
. Crowd comprises several more that one sometimes oppressive two or invasive one
. Bitesize travel friendly oral fixated need containing appeasing pleasing nourishment time fill
. Mojo hangs heel kicking round lost & found scheming planning spring offensive manoeuvres
. Cuckhold for sale or rent rooms to let plenty sense no ties no plumes no scents AEIOU
. Scandal oops a shirt by swimming pool floats gently to the floor by security moonlight
. Dull Ache days renderedredundant describing circling kites via motion picture still lifes

ET Sent Home



Sunday: Wrote to H, he replied! I replied.
He replied first though–in a sense–so there.
Hausfrau sleeps fun off. Cricket and Tennis
left to keep me real for now.
Feathermouse bioupgrades to Mousefeather
Drifts away to dry on idle thermals
criss-crosses skimarked skies declare
blue snow a first in such climes…
resist the flying pig roast passing over
St Swithin cops a deaf ‘un
keeps his pigeon powder dry

Rainy Newt House



Alehouse crocs devour paradox wracked by lounge bar lizards with goosebump gizzards one armed bandits sneer
empty handed begging favours look for crazed saviours cops burst in quelling din quenching fires after one
fun begun when we met a saucy fish dish only found out later alligator some time later when in came pater
baked potato hot to handle looked around took a bitesize chunk settled down blowy night by fazed candle night …

Green golden sleeves droop willowy supine over sable fable plots footpads trip light
elastic flagstones
sneak thief wily gulley snipe giggles echo ghoulish splatter dash dissolve down cobbled runnels cunny
air drains for miasma and hoop lanes squat arched floribunda sprout from brick grikes and get mistook for cat burglars
posies…fistful of sixes, fistful of sevens overspruced suitors don best bib and tucker
smile coyly erect
Get besplat with coal juiced sleet dropping by to pass on a promise of nevermore sorrow eternal blisses
steal furtive kisses contacting sublime lilting learned on all things and everything you honour to neglect.


Meanwhile Hope downtown
springs eternal thanks to electric shock therapy…

Episode seven: The Rape of the Lick
Apeshit in Dudley Salterton (the only game in town)
Deaf Mango Party Pack plays a Humdinger de Luxe
Carpal tension quelled by stirrup pump & unction
Going going gong…Squawky Flitch prevails over a Jug
bring on the main event
During the crash of two zeros eight queueing up outside
Northern Rock in Brixton
Retrieving a lifetime’s savings.
Rodgered once more by de Cover Up
retreat into
Insecure obscurity
battening down hatches
weathering the storm
The one that never stops
Hurricane Harry hits Louisiana
Twisters blister bayou
Savage lakes of Pontchartrain
Langston takes the wavy air
One in the pot
One ready to go…

Serpentine (A Phoenix Peaks Out)



Pearlsome Cantilever swing bridge creeks
Solid Sluice gates greenly gush
Early midges fuss late shade
Formica chairs distress damp glade

~The Koran was first
Translated into
Plain english in 1649

Bunyan fecundates 1688–1676
Trump and brood slow sipping crude

March becomes October
somehow down the five & dime
Old bones crowd the charnel house

Anyone alight tonight?
Straw dipped in molasses
Sticky insects play snap

Ink on a pen dries so quick
Catch 22 or Charles 1 part three
Rough or smooth- you serve

Men’s semis all day
detached retinues straggle

thinking in purple
thinking in amber
petrol smells wondrous

in summer frocks grey bellied
scudders bear witness
overhead inducing unforced errors

Two upturned treaders imply a divide
snow topped concave like suspension
bridge over a giant causeway of clipped loam
almost lime
almost biscuit
play an extra point
Chalk came up Deuce
Let second service

Ague (amongstyourselves…)


Gotten ye better overnight or just a different sick. Confused poor dab? And the purpose of your visit is…?

No pulse in my left foot. Hot night, Wet pits…34C they say. Angoglastonbury looms . Keep moving on…rolling stones gather . Ball & Heal thyself some say…

Watching America strut. Hearing America rant. Boring the World with jackboot claptrap…Bad for the sole & a sod for Jon the Ethical Codd…

Glasto live on nineteen screens…streaming away on the thin ice of anew…stop bragging Grandad we heard it all before…sentimental ceiling wax…

downhill skid-marks besmirch the green hill faraway without…slippery slope it seems to Banff…legless in Nassau…Roman road sings in Esperanto
Broad went shopping never came back. Hours pass all the big time smashed. Suddenly came a Sunday.

The Cure brought home the bacon…bed maintained by Harley Davidson while beloved Toe bleeds out. Nurses reckon it okay. Computer?

Wimbledon. Lack of staff perhaps the cause…
Pode applied no iodine on Thursday…engineers & healers conga, runt primeval chickens jive& twice busted sliding doors connive, foot seep lightand dark notions engender swoons: Cure plays Wimbledon

Undercover (remixed singles and forest walks) !959 was not was a vintage year for crazy babies; anxious mas to be fear worsties: polio, conscription, teddy boys don’t cry on purpose, wonderdrugs and first strike fall out- bad for onesies equilibrium

Eieioh haze…found lost in space off Neptune obeying Ophelia & Cordelia (shepherdesses) of the quilted Velt till expelled from space junket gatecrashed by junto jabberwock buoyant Brian ‘Coxy’ Moron…
Monday the second of Wombledon passed by nurselessly reading Circe episode (featuring Henry Flower). Tuesday they show. One ulcer healed. The other no worse says Sushi Q…

Tuesdays and Fridays from here on. Thoughts of Huw and Noel inspired a search. He quit the scene in 2003…Riske v Gorillaz (tight one in the making). Loosened lax & limpid lentils loll
The man who went out in the cold to fetch in the coal looked back in rancour from the edge of a has seen has been better days duck egg green state hospital air bed. FJ Jnr called in yesterday looking All Shook Up apprehensive of an impending family food. Moira has died and he a big dizzy and fell from a tree. The burnt out sheer bloody optic nerve of the man who broke the bank at Del Monte Carlo. Trump licks British Ambassador with psychotweet. Frenzied pall of resignation ton follow
Arsewipe rag status allows time for sycophancy to thrive.
Creeps…artist shrugs cold shoulder in gutter west of prorogue
Aim: tTo carve torso from a seasoned tree stump
#1 First retrieve your tree stump from the heaped detritus of half arsed dumping over uneven
holy ground
#2 Place tree trunk on workbench in the workshed
#3 Get tools from elsewhere
# Get chiselling…must just get out & about. Ever increasing circles attainable day to day.
State of the Notion. Cut down the grass, Ass! Whistle while you work them legs inside your toddler’s paean. DJ Okey Witch plays Goffin on the lawn. Dog pisses on shrub gnome. Name forgotten in a shrinking universe.
Mind Out. Try hard to without oxystuff. Relax. Take the ride: paint the tickets. Small Dreams ovum steam iron scorpio people fear. Came too quick to live it. Coffee speedo rushes on. Halt! A dead on grenadier bearing harms. Funny little neon vial. Cork uncorked. Pop. Yellow smoke overlaps vial lip drools wafts. Scent of
Sphincter gas. Sulphic. Rotten Johnnie’s old school pumps. Plimpsole bags. Collapsed lungs
Green for Anger. Old boy trusses pendule saxophone
Parka Coat and Plimpsole Hooks. Duffel Bags and Duffel coats. Duffel: slat eyed lady of the Flems. Drawstring makes it specials. Kein mehr plat dough jour…swing ‘um with wet pumps in; splatters wooly blazers. Fire sheep look aghast afar off atop yon table top of mounting anger. Lid knuckles white with fear of ear clip
For not double underlining. Wooden ruler keeping time and order. Regular as clockface. Shiny shaven sour blank. Twitcheye. Rolls em under lid. See bloodshot whites. Tobacco stained out of a bottle marked ‘Gobstoppers’. Strutters.
Metcalf the name. Deputy Head in times of Absent Head. Skull is better. Some called Skin
Nothing between either of them and heaven. Wisps & Strands. Poor fellahs. Minor gods still
Sting like nettles. Broken canes welt blister. Hurt! Alls well that ends…dead. Somber Hombre. last time i saw Richard was derailed in zero eight. Nein ich luger. Feuerzeug, bitte?
Go flic it your selbs. Beer & Tobacco. Spits. Gruff rustic justice handed out on high. Plough dem fields and scutter…make a crust off of der land. Sir Viv. to be a pillock…robin reliant be a pillhead. Pill.
Under the floorboard hid. Me no want. Make a withdrawal. Guzzled it. Same again? Hair of the dog that bit me Floyd…yessir mistah Toerag. Uggo ick gerraway yardarm over to be so shall bull Years of thereof this much sameness.
Charakter EZPZ. JJ O’JesterKhazi…silly names, carnival gaud ekes all the craic, What of the quieters? When one is with one and none? Murmerings helterskelt and pelt light welter.
Clydoscopic? Shipyards at Night. Spooky Hulls. Lippylaps and gurglings, Ratsplash, crane creaks offset plunging selbstmords, chainrattle and clankety clink. Little chinks. Lady with the Limp lights a gasper. Triggers sensors. Fleets lit up. Majorettes and tumblers coughing up lost gold watches, Moke goes up. Spumily. Seventy six trombonists and counting. Tickertape
Wilkomen took for granted. Paper trail concludes
Fruhstuck in Eritrea slips down a treat. Freewheeling into port where it all began. Gunboats on the water; skiffs flitter in and out bursting with bullets dates maize jalop suspect porky scratchings hemp oil PG Tips. Bought some three in one of a chopsy bell hop hassling me for adverbial phrases.

Curved Hair Do



Watertight alibis spring no leeks sink like stones butter no parsnips
Rainy Day starts up sluggish smooth listen hard to silence golden
struggle to swallow
Penicillin before the capsule melts in bitter toxin
Go eat something quick before singe
Heavy ordnance stems the onslaught
the moon grows big over Medina

Quiet whistlers kicking sticks down windy lanes
Dawn rain sprinkles dust
Brambles break out livid hedgerow
Something small in there is
Moving roused by scented Danger
keens the hungry eye
Probably a rat according to
What The papers say.
Who the hell is Wallace Bronson?
His name’s all over town. I hear them big him up.
I hear them put him down.
Perhaps a craze that came and went.
Grabbed an hour dreamt of warm embraces
By the jolly neck.

An entire dramatic action
complete unto itself plays out.
Saw Wallace later utter
scutter as thickly knitted
people talk
creative ambiguities purr
Bigging up ticklish solutions
tripping on funny money
camped out on sodden cloud cuckoo land
Party party party time–
scuffed up leather
horsehair stuffing
bouncing up and down
Being naughty Back Seat
Sunday of a Morris Oxford
under bent blurred high hedges
low trees rain drips water splash
Watch Out for that Unicorn!
Blue serge suited
chubby mammy’s boy
potholed back roads boast
blackberry ramblers
In see through macks
Gulp cool smell of cowshit
honeysuckle crows claw fat green leaves
water blobs erupt
Polished brogues matching socks
handkerchief sporting little gent
scrams knee fetch dettol dabbing cloth
Bathe it pink stop sobbing dry pats
stingy cotton settle down
beige flesh sticky back topper
Finished as if applause follows
that little performance threw
a fandango cards strewn pell mell
on parquet floor rug ruined when fur flew
Spree of exasp…desper…constern…
Bleargh splat yucca hahahaha…wash hands
swift job done wait in purdah taube.
What awaits two guilty buddhas
Sat glum cross legged on the whipping mat?
Caught fighting over emberscraps.
Easy policeman ticking off
did not goog the nups.
No slipper beatings ever did so.
Petit crims entertain mad whims.
Parrot learners think on it.
Fastest omelette this side of the Quantocks some say .
Side show Slob warm ups for the main event
Cause a stir.
Take the floor.
Do a turn. Make a memory.
Eventful everlasting day. Ends in tears. Where’s he?
Declined the invite. To act like a goat. Not the scene.
Made excuses left by dockland crane.Let off steamer. Burn it up.
Ends in tears. Where else?
Down and dirty in the Dog and Duck
making quavers last all night
oak log fireglow damp socks

Catch an eye nod snarl
grimace smile of visog recog.
Same or similar plight. Stages of alight
Depth charge and fat warhead cure.
Brace yourself for Skegness by the Sea.
Cornish riviera dip.
Dipping crook toesies.
Roll ups. Just like Xenophon. Full of importance when no one is
Taking notes. Ten a penny eyebrows. Pencil in moustachio.
Pocket Dirty Postcard sly crowd
Sneaking peeps as Gertie sort her girdles.
Giant rubber diva gives out full blast.
Empurpled by whelk fever.
Getting sweet on.
Hats flew up.
Up comes Pavarotti. Oily smooth snake charmer.
Bedknob manner writ all over. Sleep the last thing on his.
‘Don’t the wind blow up the passage, Mrs Bulbous!’…
’Away now with yer sauce’… Fun & games. Sigh like
Clifton Webb. Fresh Fish soon goes off. Black Eye.
Cuckoo Waltz to Fin.

Poor Reception



jotter feeder memo notes  patchwork takes on things felt seen touched released
words & phrases caught mid flight enjoying a day in the sun

captivating chosen audience  tucked up in the aviary behind pixellated razorwire not pulling faces or rolling eyes just exasperated by confinement


birdsong at twilight compels Vanilla to make silk moves chance meetings deep veils
sketching out long twilight fade precedes
moonlight ride on cyanide slide
still pale blues linger on…bedside


crispy chocs fatty cheezes
tired laid low prone diseases
wheezes sneezes chilly breezes

hard rain blisters footprint

out of me
i want to be
feeling stuff
i never see

sensational worlds just out of reach come to mind less often something wrong with the calibration…


Fancy Perch

An Arm Chair circa 1801 by Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775-1851


Tunnelling down at rainbow’s end—
gawping at St Finnian’s crock —
pursuing nostalgic martyrdom gig—
repulsive depressive disorder—
put me down: never let me go —
oppress me do oppressor dear

o pressure sore god help us —
unfamiliar faces scroll back
years of wine brown noses —
grant me discouragement now
& at the hour of discourse—
Amen corner bed of stars —
commodores cry out Zoot Alors!

feel the pulse of her indoors —
fell when pulling on her drawers —
broke her head being
an eternal bore
spoonfed persistent nightmare —
swallow the yellow brick road —
wash it down with chainsaws —
something stirs down dingley dell

a sound of tyres screeching —
insecticides in paradise —
quintessential now and then —
improves the yield vindictive seed —
the limpid massive grumbleweed —
clogs up arteries
likes artificial opiums





Violet burst in

Cut glassy silence
Stood unruffled amid broken shards
Oft broken French Window
Kept Locked up:
‘Let’s go catch a movie y’all!’

Insecure as Doris Day
Conflicted worried
Calamity Jane grew pale

Call the glazier, Poppet!
The one who knows the Problems
Of Philosophy
back to front &
inside Out
like Sioux…

Penicillin Road



Penicillin Road leads south cuts runs meanders passes via varicose arteries sharp chicanes echo canyons down scree slope and ragged cataract to the ulcerated sea  to still Toe Head bathed in iodine haze…

Soft Shoe sized actors bridge players winner parties snub snarl & bicker spew muckbill platitudes as gossips monger meagre wares the morning after muse over who faked the best sincere…

Light occurs the back of four when Saul found out today why the lucid coast of Do-ah Land fails muster ―
Effluenza or Afflenza leaves punters spoilt for choice

Smashed & groped about till Windows of opportunity got tallyho thumbs up should Halloween pass without unsavoury incident…(porky pies lose traction in the Showers)

Second declared surely the new first by third party arsonists and kelptomaniacs with sundry agendas set by grotesque wedge

Ethics in AI gets bunk up from fretful plutocrat with more money than sensibilia. Glass and concrete truth dome.

Peasant slaughtered by boy racer monarch in Garter Gig. Town of Richmond mourns behind closed doors

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