As it Happens

by grimbeau

Dejeune Dada


Wild notes:

A bit of a whopper!


Had to get these down before I got stuck

cheroooted to the table.

Thanks to Danny Baker.


Warmed my butt and sacrum

with the oat and lavender bags

flicked through the morning stations for



information –

in short, company.

Other voices.


Came across the Danny Baker Show,

a show I like and always forget to listen to

I am so bogged down in my listening ways.


The item was about Greenland’s timezone-less centre;

how they called it Greenland because Vikings

wanted to deter invaders from their cherished Iceland;

another item mentioned ‘thundersnow’

and I was away. Up for it, writing came first

and I made some jots:


These are they.


Saturday mornings Punk Odyssey

Drongo pomes dialogue.


The Vanmitzvah;


little feral red van


big red van/bus does

not stop at my gate.


Passed by a boy: came back a man.

Returned, emerged.

Apple in a football ground.

Thundersnow on a lowlight