Tit-Bits Advertising Postcard

Yesterday plus one

damp smell of seventies

porn mag, black and white,

thick minged,

Titbits or Parade,

lawn and hedge,

put it back where you found it:

a secret.


Stealthy wanks and aloof strops conceal

the pull and then sulky sleep,

complex born.

Delivered by a bald man from Parslow’s

who looked like a parrot,

or that comedian who made a film with a parrot,

lantern jawed, sort of Stanley Holloway,

that time anyway.

We move into different times of Happy Door

writing down the football scores

in a Woolworth red notebook

and very erudite

but for the greasy skin and hair

and the Bri-nylon shirt:

withered upturned orange collar,

second hand jacket that was always too big:

still is.


Pink salmon trousers for smart

made me look and feel like a dork,

perhaps I was!

Do not let on or you’ve had it,

there will be retribution and bullying

far worse than ever known in the history of me.


Join gangs,

walk hard and hide

clever bully,

ideas man,

dirty rec,

silly temptress with Goldie locks,

the smell of sweet wee-wee.

Bowled him!




Road to Tad

English: Water tower at Piltown This water tow...

Tarmac patch water tower

wood stump clearing dip

and two

little double roundabouts,

flat binocular

white nipples

sullied by tyre smear,

skids, and fast

turning people

rushing to the bomb

plant past gypsy site,

through wood and common bends

and twists and dents

to the Falcon’s nest…

Mornlight Drive

"Solitude" by W B Leader circa 1890

A blind, dead driver

in front

slows and

indicates all options

before a left at the lights opposite

a set sun of cheap stuff

and loss leaders

that call the believers

and sinners to shop.

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