dead stuff rots

The Tale of the Giant Rat of Sumatra

Herring aid skippers quell a smell

A Wounded woodpigeon pukes and revives.


Cream soured Tom Tits choke on the bits

Swifts scoop up gherkin shards and stiff plummet.


Seems about time to sweep up the back yard

Alternatively, build a giant rat trap.

Rock the Kasbah

Teach Yourselves about Sociopaths ...item 3.. ...

World Service Station: 14.30.

Thursday, August 15, 2013


What’s so empty

about human concern

in a well-heeled brogue?




Ox famine aint it

awfulness oozes

Seeing a Roedean girl

gang-banged by

A Droog Militia who

snigger snidely.


Gymkharma ponies

crash demented

Against freeway barriers.

Pulsars of horse blood

pepper windscreens

Eye blink wipers

flick them away

As quick as a

pest in the Kasbah.



All that Fall

English: Fallow Deer (Dama dama (Linnaeus, 175...

Opiate wood earth

brunette even glass,

leaf plumes.

Rain insists easy as

heavy tears of Mayo.

A Cuspid day

Fangs a lot.

Frond reaping:

marking out the autumn field

for fallow deer and rabid ox…

-Windows shut?

-Yea…yes: Clunk.

Smoke and mirrors.

A soft, lilac world

turns turtle purple:

Tempes Fuchsia

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