The Grail Hunt

Bristol born Amelia Dyer - one of the most evi...

New early




On Chalice Hill

Four Anoraks

Coverer huddle:

Avebury better

Inclement weather


Three pilgrims fall

Two blue, one black

All Pilgrims struggle

When heading back

To Inn Asylum.



From the road

The Rifleman’s

With open arms

Rustle up

Wet Sanctuary.



Lunch (less) time;

fry big spuds,

heat up beans,

eat cold chicken,

drink green cider,

then withdraw,

hid upstairs,

day go dream,

play pinball…

football results in

Tea (less) time

so to nightfall

and beyond!

Jesus Swept Up

A swept hilt rapier

It is a Saturday,

another one,

sleep walking

Sarin stiffs,

trousers ankled dead,

snuff one,

get one free,

modern day


Complex On

The face of a Kathakali artist Kerala, India

Go and do the copy

now the kettle’s boiled.


Face the facts.

Dossers made

not born.



Only child,

spoilt brat,

get fat

and sad.

What about?

My lot.


Sorry, mate!

Sorry state!


Too late never.

Don’t be clever.

Know your place.

Eat your face

When peckish.


Sliming rhyme

Closing time





Nessum Dorma


In the names of gods and sods,

we all perish.

Unlike the giant sink spiders, who,

like Andy duFrais,

made it via drain,

to bask in cool,

silver basins,


and bathe in the tumult

of the morning tap tsunami.


Kettle on,

wipe and flush

the mushrooms.

Trousers round

lifeless ankles.

The shame of it!

The shame.


Baby safe in the microwave:

Suffocated. Cars meander still

slate dead drivers slowmo halt

in open sewer.

Ringa ringa roses…


some place in Shetland,

an upside-down helicopter on sand.

A phone rings, it is my doctor.

He say: ‘I will be late.’

‘Okay’, I say, ‘so will I’.




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