Abraham Lincoln with Allan Pinkerton and Major...

So, the crazies

Got scared after total wipe-out and their fears,

Which had got plain drunk on hubristic puff,

Regained their force and jumped ship sharpish, but

The past caught them up (like a shot

In the dark or Pinkerton’s chasing down Butch and Sundance in a shotgun shack) and made

These shysters clean latrines





Starving. Neck

aches bad despite analgesics, just Poll this morning.

Did crap.

In a heavy head. Read a chunk

of nodule, looked things up.

Caecuban triumph plonk!


Salian piss up.

Forked tongued

double Dutch caps Cleo’s aspic act. Horace Norris changes trains of thought.

After eggs and passing clouds drowsy.

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