Justifiable Homicide




Turbid water:

frogspawn and dead mite,

leaf and leaf mould,

moulder in water,

and smoulder in fire.


In the watersmoke,

a quick refraction

moonlit silhouette,


stick strike and flick,

a stunned roach lands

soon dead:

Stone dead.

My first and only fish.


March home,

shirt stuffed

with bluff pride,

a natural born

roach killer. 

Nice Day


Voices hear off. Who’s that?

Sotto voce, surely not…

Laryngitis? Going round.

Dan the Man,

very quiet, very soft.

Hard of hearing what?

Panic: King of Song breaks out!

Windows flung shut,

open air freshener

acrid Lavender.

Look out window, see blind woman,

shout hello, silly me

I can’t hear her, radio off,

mute mate shows up, funny looks.

Is it me or you? Tragic

You me: who we? Comic

Heads start to implode.

All I said: ‘Nice Day!’

watch blind woman talk away.

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