An old Jew’s harp prism, makes corona

schism, sees the heaven’s children glisten,

heeds bystanders syllogism, shut up

if you care to listen! Says let sly ones be

bygones, give away the ghosts, or a new world

disappears, defy at your peril swell your

placid eyes with tears. Comet’s trails point away

from the sun, seek out a place in deeper space.

For, if this love does not illuminate,

it won’t be for a want of hate for hatred,

dressed up to thrill the fat potentate

his opinion of himself inflated

soon to implode, unconditionally sated.

SS Missive


Below decks I ate wild mushrooms in scrambled eggs,

warm Parma ham,and  a choice, prime cut, brown bap,

Oodled in buttery herbs, then, replete,

ascended , fortified to sullen work

after a digestive puff

A glimpse of sun is better than none,

must learn to be more grateful for these, my gifts,

the vessel drifts, time floats, ice too.

Less temperate climes, incursive east wind,

will blast and burn, singeing our lashes

saying only we have committed sin

a mortal sin, the sin of not being them.

Leeward, a cacophony and splashes

Dolphins, a school, weirdly mocking, unabashed.





Plumber’s Sky:

dour Teutonic one,

sad sardonic one,

improving on perfection for the hell of it,

making your own bed, lying in it,

finding your head in clear,

Sea air.

Mummer’s Sky:

sour, demonic one,

crazed hispanic one,

enjoying your rejection for the shell of it,

having you own cake and eating it,

resting your bones over there,

Blue chair

Number’s Sky:

not a chronic one,

a down the drainpipe one,

tolling your bell for the tell of it,

being yourself and loving it,

holding a winning hand,


21st Century Hands Tied Man



Contagious creed

outrageous seed,

litigious nuns

religious guns,

Canon fodder law,

martial copper law,

common senseless law…

Runaway, runaway, runaway

To where, to where, to where?

Have a week in Mozambique;

worry sheep in Martinique;

act suspicious in Mauritius;

bake Alaska in Madagascar..

Chuck the world in a bucket,

drop it in the wishing well

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