White carpet carnage

Contrary little varmints


Ruthless sucking gas mask tube

Makes light work for Pinkerton’s

The Borrow


Golf girl plumb potty

flipped clean absent trolley

on treacherous pin


Promotion to Ensign


Wanton crayon crimes christen hallowed books

Left about to make  an impression

to go well with the curtains;

torturing the prize Siamese

just to hear its quirky hiss.

The smell of burning hair

that will be you one day.

This day, all day, every day,

but not forever.

One day you get yours

From  the Orc

On level Chesil

A Confederacy of Onceness


A chaos of familiar streets edge the hub,

smell the humming throng murmur and burr.

Was that a car door or a suicide bomb,

splatting like a bursted, maddened boil?

We look up for more, get none and get back up to pace.

Streets wail blocked with beds and wardens.

We bustle along skulking, tutting, smiling,

Snarled, peering, eyes down, anti-heroes,

Loose limbed, bloodied free climbers…

But the main sport selfie masks –

learnt as toddlers when we dodged all

punishment for our misdemeanours.

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