Flummery Murl



Curfew run

Live lung livelong play:

In a light brown rugger ball

brute jute ugly fruit persiflage

Blistering, heinous, fun

On the third stone from

A bluer sun we call

The True Sun




Candle on, rain shrewd,

meat pie and two veg,

suppress urge to chew,

black and white movie:

Séance on a Wet Afternoon

Gerbils Burbles



Not bad for an orange achy drone!

This is the paperwork jerk

Lick flick wicker

lithesome stick


Drella’s bubblebath

A Nightwatchman crawls on

Berkeley Square

In the Snow


These dreams of Yew

Kaleidoscopic hysterics

Quinine mauve sinew

Mandrake incantations

Mad but true

The Internal Dynamics of Usury



Dumped sizzling pariah

Madcap laughing Tourette’s

 Send chocolate bribes

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