The Die is Cast Off



…aside from scrub

scatted Street Legal,

flew solo around

the warm grey upstairs

spreading love

and affection with

my every breath.

I had a pony:

its name was Lucifer…

Fred Carno’s Circus



Show on road? No…

Isolated blizzard,

hail, frog rain, bubonic plague, GPI,

These and sundry vilenesses

prevent Lifter Finger & Hans Turn

Fulfilling promises of gardening.


A pluperfect spring morning

wasteland of historic neglect

disgrace my spiffing gaze.

The road to oblivion is paved

with claptrap and obliquy.

Nothing comes of nothing


Cuddly Vicars #8



Feeling lucky, mucky, clucky?

Spike the Curate’s eggs.

Wind’s dropped, termite respite;

north-westerly’s will freeze

your bollox off.

No vest for the whack-ed.

Fools down tools

play pooh-sticks in the urinal,

paper boats float upstream

(a blocked drain in Sao Paulo).

The Surgical Spirit of Joy



More murky murk

Mufti wades through grey

Morning Match of Day

No blocked beds

Must scrub up

Ready for Theatre

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