Penumbra Forest Tours



In wine we confuse

Confusing wine

Drinking health

Unhealthy drink

A knot wept: saw

Ariadne’s spool

Has me undone

Like snowflakes

in moonjuice

out cast off



shop soiled shoe left out


on street show rack


rough insomniac tries me on

gruff sinister monoped

tried it on about three am

but put me back unhappy.

I pinched his toes (hopping on

stilettoes is comedic )


could do with a good

wipe clean

but I bet it’s

throwaway time.

big new boxes arrived today

brought in by the miserable

zero hour sales team

New Spring Collection:

my show days here are numbered.

soon price bin bucket

recycling or help the aged

my colour (shocking pink)

clashes with Dexter’s

who has not been out of his box for weeks.

I am weathered, faded

so we are sure to get scrapped,

made into god knows what

who wants sullied faded shoes?

perhaps little girls playing

lipstick and hair games

like mummies getting pretty

Un Chien Andalou



beauty somewhere here

eye of  beholder please nurse

pass me that scalpel


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