Terminal Velocipede

Coming upon nine.

Something’s happening round here

Burning onions, tincture of molasses,

burning ground, quicklime pits,

call withdrawn enabled,

false razor wire eyelash,

brunette Lillibulero,

crazy gown drape flourish,

staircase winding

round and round

like a teddy

bear hug

Wimpy Bender

Battle of Britain

When hurricanes spitfire

The first of the few

shoplifting Woolworth’s blind

no security cameras

in the seventies


Hercules and Apollo eleven

Led me into a life

Of Saturday morning crime

With twenty two pence change

Just enough for glue

A Wimpy Bender


Just C


C what?

You left it there

Did I,

can’t remember

here look –



Dog keen to bursting

Movement yields results

Night gives way to day

Outside it is unraining non stop.

Grabbed about five for Lethe.

Dreams go west with light.

Stop reading everything straight

away with a view to a kill;

always at fives & sevens.

There are other numbers.

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