It grows early in a late way,

Hey Punk! Which key is this one in?

Silent system slows

waiting breathless pace

bathing in near distant running water,

Kissinger was (naturally, of course naïve)

See that baroque Grand Design by the Stubbs?

Somehow falsely vacuous, one felt.

The next book is  called The Next Book,

They grouped to sing soft

Sardonic arraignments,

Soused in lilac wine.

Achilles Last Round

Stumbled into the bar

Managed to keep my balance

What am I doing?

In drunken mirrors

Familiar drunken face

Absurdly jowled fat dead eyes

Arms flailing at a nearly chair

A fall and chuckle

Room spinning heart emptied

Brief sheer fucking bliss

Then no more till tomorrow

Horsenose O’Toole

Deep in my cups

Early this morning

Singing along with

the blue suede news

I experienced a

mind blowing feeling

That I was more like

Philip Larkin than Ted Hughes





2171239d1bd4963e1b017132aea2c013observe this shadow,

up there before me,

chasing my shadow,

shadow chase me,

hide me a shadow,

inside a shadow,

shadow in me




It just do not feel right

Do it?

There aint no available

Groove convenient




It just will not do at all

Microwaved spaghetti balls

This carpet smells of nose

God Almighty! Rose

Has run off with the

Thermidore times

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