Phazes of daizies

preoccupy Crazy Maisy,

long gestation to

bud blosson bloom to

fullness and Zonkville

(& Beyond).

No sadder sight than

A zonked out Hazy Phazy

Tragic Swirling Shop

Consider Diet

& exercise,

Mr Wise!

Buoyant panegyric

to Missus Dosh,

Armless & legless


It all came out there,

Claimed Dan Dare

In disclosure polders,

On Giant Shoulder’s

Full of silt and twigs,

Grinned Ronald Biggs

Grab a couple more

Until some sun’s-up

Sighed Donald Duck

Hibernating in Damascus

Sense and fear of dying year;

dry naked weathered boughs,

shade damp amber fall.

A cruel clinical eastern wind

Eviscerates, then

sets fire to Summertown,

petrified eye witnesses

crawl back underground

and hide in readied

fumigated demi-rooms

Slick Trick

One finds me today

hanging from the ceiling wrapped

up in a blue sheet,

fearing parachute failure,

all tied up in knots

being sound of mindful

trying to unravel travel

fresh direction for a camel:


Certain factica

They just got me more sciatica


Funny urge

Trying to put down right words

Weird mesmeric vow

Golden sunlit bough

manic squirrels hoarding nouns

snuffling snorting truffle hounds

helicopter thumps

take another slump

sleuthing dark no-man’s

landed skulking quarry

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