The last man in space

double locked the shuttlecock

in case of burglars

looked up dreamily

blew farewell kisses to the

cerulean canopy


Sudden catharsis

Rooted to the spot

Catatonic subverters

Absent sense of direction

Can’t find my way out

Trial an error live and learn

Back to the drawing board

Fresh pens & pencils

Kitchen utensils

The galley slave goes to it

Cooking up a storm


When gargantuan

Exquisite imaginations

Once went to work on

A polythene egg

In a bubble car

There was a big bang

The rest is pre-history

Thommy Gunn

Radio Rotten Plays

Anarchy in the UK

Listen with Mother

To the World at One declare

The war is over

For the Unknown Soldier

So DNA traces reveal

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