Modus Vivendi


The day turns


fifteen minutes

will he or will she not come?

I have  unlocked the door,

fetched out the crap,

brought in the milk.

It is very windy and

the sky threatens rain.

Things that deter unnecessary travel.

Four minutes to eleven.

Looks like a no show.

Make alternative arrangements.

Change tack.

Map out a new course.

A new modus vivendi.

Shadow Wrestling

Words can

not describe

Quite what it feels like

on those occasions

When you’re lost for words

But do

not worry


not a problem

as long as you know

what it is

that you mean

Does it?


Casting Couch


would Theda Bara

grace fake tiara

 inviolate star

of Cleopatra?

untamed malady

cleaned up The Galley

put on The Dinner

(good name for a band)

midday sun muddling

themes & notions

earplugs or upstairs?

food overruns fantasy

sigh day afternoon.

what is going on?

circling nitpickers


…fresh as a quasar,

bright as a futon,

blue as a cherry,

wind blows like cotton,

greener than onions,

khaki  bronze tresses,

harpsichord pluckers,

flute canneloni,

viola chaffinch,

tumbril sonata,

quicksilver sanctum,

mad crimson pagoda,

orangery windows,

glow like a gloworm,

nub of the butter …

On Andover Beach

The sole aren’t biting today,

taking the meagre bait

of rehashed borrowed matter.

Must have better things to do

like sleep or almost

anything else permissible.

The swarming free world

of competing distractions.

Fleets of flights of fancy.

Origami necromancy.

Bat on ball or do fuck all.

Have a weep or have a ball.

All that is within your power.

Within your sphere of influence.

Just go and explore!


Not that one…

Flying Fishes Play

Aspidistra dashed

Off out immediately

Pressing engagement

Previously flagged up

On the road to Mandalay

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