hand chat

We come of life

We want of death

We come of death

We want of life


We come of dark

We want of light

We come of light

We want of dark


We come of silence

We want of sound

We come of sound

We want of silence


We come of touch

We want of stone

We come of stone

We want of touch


We come of mind

We want of heart

We come from heart

We want of mind


We come of dumb

We want of deaf

We come of deaf

We want of dumb


We come of Ma

We want of Pa

We come of Pa

We want of Ma


We come of here

We want of there

We come of there

We want of here


Yellow Wallpaper Flower


Over there observe

Fey wiry Mary Hartley

Confined to an upstairs bed

In a seaside bungalow

Waiting on a feted

Blue reunion

Summery justice

Life without dissipation

Sober as a smudge

Holly & Ivy


Took some zippo

liquidated sound seven:

abstracted coffee

come eight.

Walked allover his

wild side

utilitarian fine tooth

soma left: no burn unsalted.

declined shattered sunflower

She said

Holly’s late



Leaves flurry flyblown

Dry souls of summer sprites

Bare golden rowan

One bunch of orange berries

Opposing winter’s onslaught

Thirteen thrifty two

Donned a cheapo charcoal fleece

Four loud angry knocks

Gross yellow parcel

Perches on the crimson chair

Ominously still

Water, Water everywhere…


Poor night: flatulence

(cauliflower cheese, chicken

tikka masala,

two reds, wounded foot),

it’s that time of year,

house of gloom & despond.

Back in the saddle

of flim flam,

whim wham,

zin zan.

Change mood from sad to glad.

Grab some remedial rest,

pen a few missive,

No Danny, no cry.

Dreams came fast and curious,

contrary moods & settings,

instantly forgotten

due broken foot.

Tread carefully, Doorstopper.

Wet no rain no wet.

Lights out still in Lancaster

and its myrmidons.

Shite Christmas is guaranteed.

Nothing new there then.

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