nostrils alert to

sniffable rain on the breeze,

heed telltale droplets

weeping on open fan window,

overnight shower

easily deduced to tears:

all other alternatives

seem a bit too far-fetched:

water sprinklers in February,

titans caught short

on early morning rampage,

and that old chestnut,

jet aircraft toilets.

Pound Shop


Jimson plant querent

conceals Messerschmitt mindset

contorted looking glass…

of late promenading a huge

chunk of cool daytime

Quasimodo sitting room

seeks  quiet fulfillment.

A washing machine foxtrots

churns clogs, dog fetches doormats.

The time is three twenty three.

World turned back to front.

top shelves are empty places –

Must go plunder

Pound Shop tundra

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