Break Out Day


Vibrant dawn dazzles

Pitch bone slate lamp nightdreamers

Eyeblink shadows flit

Earlybirds dart brisk alert

Incanted day arrives

Perfect golden light

Rakes tree leaf and bark

Hope springs all prisoners

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Tone of Voice

Every time you go
(which is increasingly

more frequent of late)
Johosophat gets very jumpy
It is a good thing that
I will never tell you that
You might do it to disturb
Him just for the sport
I know what you’re like sometimes

The devil makes work
For bone idle hands

bloody sociopaths,

boorish prats, the absent-minded,

& those who observe the worrying demise of  rubber tree plants…


Bring me moonshine

In your smile



In my hearth

O hearths!


The paraphernalia of open fires—

Scuttles, grates, tongs, clinkers,

ash shovel, hatchet

Rickety kneebends

Scrunching up the Sun

The News of the Screws


Picking good cinders

Hatcheting sticks

Three matches to light

Always three matches

Crackle & slow collapse


Juvenile flames keen to jive

The timing of the bigger sticks

Critical mass

The placement of the first coals

Put the heavy front on



Shut the little door

& hope real hard

Offer up a silent

prayer to the firegods

Every little helps

Last refuge of a scoundrel

See it caught at last

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