Chin Ups

Ablute! Richard coeur de lyonnaise
Came the resounding holler round Trifels

Couldn’t find the bugger in his imperial dunny
Maybe up on the battlements soaking up some Rays

Frei korpor kulturekampfires burnt to a cinder
Excessive bandits strew the bonefeast

Cough up soon or the despot cops it
Stamped addressed envelope marked ‘Return to Zenda’

Homeland security department
Black hills of Dakota DC 3C

Pack animals rain down from the skylight
Ord Windgate’s up to his old tricks

Be upstairs ready my angel
A deceptive easy code to break

From Our Own Correspondent

Tuesday tunic: middle August, middle Earth…
Golden dawn, drowsy ursine shadows play it doggo

Down In Drongo-Drongoland

Graeco-Roman holds Cricklewood gripped by the wee small ones
History by the shed load made down the bomb farm

Skin needs tender loving care provider
Ratty old ladies don’t pay lip service

Down In Drongo-Drongoland

Acacia tabernacle robbed by yobs to tooth fairy
Radical solitaire Basho getting underway

old leaves turning brown as phenomenal berries
bunch to bear bitter winter fruit

lose the race as eight bells ring
seven got knocked out

Down In Drongo-Drongoland

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