Axis: Clear as Mud

A polar indifference
To current affairs pervades
This sunny afternoon
Opposites repel invaders
Gadflies waddle through cold custard
Jam dollops smear gleeful

scarlet faced bruised egos
enlighten dictatorships

South by South-East

‘tis an outside day today – green bin
Could bring the ‘contraption’ with
before or after
sausage extravaganza?
There’s a conundrum
Or a paradigm shifting
furniture about again
Bloody paraphernalia
Always in the way of stuff
Mull it over with the Bruce

Went out for a wee-one
Beside the haemorrhage spot
Minus ‘contraption’
Chinooks flying low
Shocking pinko crop-duster
Airborne muckspreader
Spots on our apples

She Said

Surprise visitor!
Ginger Rogers fresh from heaven
knock me down with a feather boa

give us a twirl then luv
‘aren’t you going to ask me?’, she said
Ask you what I close upped

Strong silent typography
‘How does it feels to be dead?’
She thinks I’m Peter Fonda

Poor love goddess,
They all go a bit
Sunset Boulevard

I give her my father’s best side
And flash the trademark
well-upholstered teeth

she smiled knowingly
We parted on the best of terms
It had not always
been like that…in fact never
quite like this before

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