today the earth
still but instead of falling
people just fell out


Get sane stay clean day
Overcast moggy groggy
Soggy muggy fug
Smells like old stale basting tray…
fallow state chides grunts dunnoes
dawn eyes droop on midnight train
Garden purged post dunnock frenzy
Swathes sweep across fecund grass
Metal clangers brute repairman
Delighted flirty banter rings out
How amusing can it get?

gnomes run amok

Savage undergrowth dwarfs
Who wrung chicken’s
Mangled worzels
Hid clues
In shoes

Salubrious liquid
Oozes unguent
Sappers wallow
In blue
Glue tubes

Molasses adulate
Overload corn stooks
Wimples dribble
Down green
Baked beans

Worm Said

Unfit for human consumption, mistah dabbler you betcha
bottom dollarbill

ticklish extraordinary little coughs, tell tale trails of larkspittle
crimson pupils
crown the worm

still as rocky rock rises diminished, denuded by bladderwrack
slime soft ambergris

hermit crabs rule cold rooster rockpools, anaemic fledglings
waive misrule cheerio

tidal affairs of men and marble, happy little dirges, slip shift
back to where they once so long ago

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