‘Shake dreams from you pretty hair my sweet one choose the day choose the sign of your day…the day’s divinity
First thing you see a vast radiant blue beach in a cool jewelled moon
Naked scrupled women call us from the far shore
Though we are snug in the cotton wool of infancy
First thing you see
Forget the night
Live with us in forests of azure
Meagre food for souls for
I’m telling you this
No eternal reward will forgive us now
For wasting the dawn…’


Sweet FA

All of us are characters
In our own twisted way
You are in my book
I am in yours
Whether we like it or not
What a terrible thing to read
Unreliable narrators
All spouting about
Fuck All

Pru’s Frock

helicopters come
and go

sea king

Willy Wonga

Grote expeditions
Jallop vendor charlatan
Crystal gondolier
Heebie-Jeebie aitch dropper
Or wright jon gotta new sofa
Haroun dan random ragga bush
Der ragout meister rant



not got lost
in a book since


lost in you

Eyelash in Gaza

Mews hazed Jardiniere, rowan dappled sunlit perch,
barefoot pads patchy lawn,

jasmin somehow here sprinkles clear air act must
to musk. Whatever happened

Monday seems an age ago, time is a mystery
Lost on those ghost days

Fate spills coffee beans, kneeling aggrieved hard done by,
monstrous invasion offside,

privacy and all that J a s s — Favourite time I’ll be there
River willow smirks, snig-grr

Not on your nelly smelly Change the sheets to seagulls
impugning military/industrial complexion

Get out of it fly Not that I would ever harm a hair on its…
Still bloody stuck inside again

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