the psychology
of redemption goes like this—
put on the kettle

pretty pl e a s e…

All Gas & Gators


Smoking more Nimmo?
bonfire fetishism,
man for three seasons,
delay the shavings,
expunge the gleaze—

climb small trees


bronze poison air lurks
in knave hollows
waiting to pounce—da-dargh
on unsuspecting mammals
fleet disturbing leaves


Walking in the woods
full on pleasant
surprises guaranteed
bog standard finger food
Tuesday to Tuesday
Every month

rude awakenings

redhanded culprits
caught ripping silk sheets
part shrouded
in sleepdust
sporting fetching colours

to the tip—gristle to the mull!
little twitterings
simplify gruff mutters
fresh air cuts jagged holes

pernicious borus
dandelions roar!

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