jam trap

Jam tomorrow and jam today—how I hate those pesky jam traps. Venus Fly, Man
And Honey aren’t much to write home about either

now I come to think of it. Best to avoid them all, or trigger them with a barge pole or pole vault pole from a safe distance behind a rubber gum tree

Early days of future past, soap sudsy bubble bath, flyblown tumbleweed scuds, pink candyfloss monstrosity coated in wasps

stand up and be counted out on a technicality, retire to the Galapagos, going over old ground, check the lobster pots for squatters

Harrison Birtwhistle whispers sweet nothings, thistles bristle purple thorax, gentian blue crab apples skedaddle helter skelter down the lane

Omnibus Blues

Change is decay, all growth is benign, progress is not what it was, nothing ever changes much, people come and go, that’s all there is to it, what more do you want?

Every cloud has a silver lining, Wilbur, so let’s buy some buckets and spades and build some fancy new-fangled contraption and go get stinking rich

Waltzing Matilda fell through the door, collapsed on the floor, crawled into bed, and descended into lavender fields bathed in water

Looking for the gear lever, awful grinding sound, smell of abject poverty, damp cardboard boxes, stale body odour, taste of mass consumption,

overwhelming hyacinth dreams of wonky power alchemy on toast, wobbly jelly roll agenda
Roast chicken Trujillo drumroll

personal hygiene seldom if ever funny take your daffodils follow prescribed instructions
very tiny small print don’t forget to do-dah

host harbours hierophant unhinges white anchovies extinguishes two milk bottles
challenges goldfish to nine holes medal


yellow wave insurgent sea
splashes hurdle ‘arbour wall
drench morning strollers
shiny black mackintoshes
up buttoned collars

seek out scoundrel’s last refuge
working man’s café
hot cup of green tea
do more good than harm
waste not to want not
facing stark choices

Bovril or Marmite
Mermaid or Dolphin?
wash your face at least
funny taste of surgeon
red carbolic soap tablet
fiddly little cuss it is
the only way is…Oops!

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